Monday, August 12, 2019

Quick WAGS trip & Moneymaker Kleenex heads up

I really wasn't planning on going shopping today. My plan was to just stay home and work today. Best laid plans....that's all I'm saying. I read that the 85ct Kleenex is ringing up at 25c at WAGS. With the 50c Ibotta rebate (limit 5), this will be a 25c MM per box. So I made a quick shopping list and headed to my store. Of course my store didn't have any. I'm thinking this size is probably being discontinued, cause my store didn't even have shelf space for it. I know that the last time (several years ago) Kleenex changed their packaging, my WAGS was selling the 200ct boxes for 30c each. Of course I bought almost I'd be a fool to have left a lot behind. I think I picked up around 30 boxes then. So anyhoo, if you can find these items at WAGs, then it will be MM tissues for you.

Here's what my trip looked like. I used all digital qs today.

1 x Purex detergent $1.98
1 x Almay lip gloss $6.99
1 x Revlon lip gloss $6.99
1 x Rimmel eyeshadow palette $5.09
2 x Crest mouthwash $5.98
1 x Oral B t/b $2.99
2 x 8ct Dial Soap $7.00
3 x Kleenex 50ct $3.00
Less Purex q (1.00)
Less Revlon q (3.00)
Less Rimmel IVC (WAGS store booklet) (2.00)
Less Rimmel q (3.50)
Less Crest q (4.00)
Less Oral b q (1.00)
Less Dial q (2.00)
Tax 2.40
Less BR points (20.00)
OOP $5.92

Earned $14 RR ($7 Revlon/Almay, $7 Crest/Oral B) and $1 Ibotta Kleenex

Son of a gun! I just knew something was wrong when I saw the total but knew there's nothing the cashier could do. So I grabbed my items and receipt and headed to my car. I saw that my $3 Almay DQ never deducted. I especially bought the Kleenex so I could redeem $20 in points. Otherwise I would only have been able to use $10 points. When I got home, I did live chat and within 2 minutes had $3 points added to my account.

Then the Kleenex didn't all qualify for the Ibotta rebate. What the Sam Hill is happening here? The boxes all look the same, but when I checked receipt, I noticed they have different UPCs? Ugh. So only 2 qualified for the rebate. Not a train smash. We can always use Kleenex

I'm in love with that Rimmel eyeshadow. I can't believe it was a small MM. Even if I use the $3 IPQ (coupons dot com) on it, I'll only pay 9c for it. My nieces are gonna love this!

I was happy to see the Dial soap on sale. I was down to my last bar. I do use bodywash, but at night I prefer milder scents, so I either use bar soap or Aromatherapy b/w (when I need sleep).

How much detergent is too much? All I'm saying is "we don't need any more detergent". I have a really nice stockpile, but at this price I couldn't resist. Also, winter will be here soon. I'm not always in the mood to chase deals when it's cold or we've had bad snowstorms. So having most things stockpiled will come in handy during the cold months.

I'll go back to WAGS to do this deal again, minus the detergent (I don't have any qs). I need to figure out a filler item that will either earn points or have a high value q. I also need to get my butt to CVS.

For those who aren't too familiar with WAGS coupons. You can stack a manufacturer coupon with a store coupon (found in the booklet next to the ads). Don't let a cashier tell you otherwise. All coupons in the booklet are store coupons. 


  1. Good deals. I stockpiled lots of liquid ALL that I have almost used. It was a good sale. Now, I read that it will not last long and be useful. I hope that is not true. I never buy Kleenex unless it is a quarter a box. Then, I never open the boxes. I use tp unless I am in the car. Tommy always had a fast food napkin around. This winter I should open those Kleenex.

    1. Thank you Linda. All detergent is my favorite brand. Everything else smells way too strong. I buy some super cheap fragrance free ones that I mix with other detergents, so the scent is not too strong.

      My DH is like Tommy. He too, always keeps fast food napkins in the glove box of the vehicles he drives. I have allergies, so I like to keep a box of Kleenex in our cars at all time.

  2. i know what you mean by too much. I now have 8 large tubes of tooth paste. No more of that....

    1. I just can't pass up a good deal :) Especially when I know there's someone who can use it. I don't talk about my giving, but I donate a lot of stuff to different people and places.


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