Wednesday, August 21, 2019

How much detergent is too much?

Here we go again. Another day, another hassle free (snark) WAGS trip. I had a bunch of $7 RRs that I wanted to get rid of, so I decided to pick up a few things. Made my list, clipped my qs and off to the store I went.

Got everything on my shopping list and headed to the register to do 2 transactions.

Trans 1

2 x Swiffer wet cloths $9.98
1 x Gain detergent 4.99
1 x Cascade gel 4.99
1 x Tide detergent 4.99
1 x Tide pods 4.99
4 x Pringles 5.00

$2/15 DQ (2.00)
Cascade DQ (3.00)
Tide DQ (2.00)
Tide q (2.00)
Gain DQ (2.00)
2 x $7 RR (14.00)
Tax 1.69
OOP $11.63

Earned 6200 points ($3 WYB 3 Swiffer/Cascade) + I had a q for 10x everyday points + $4 RR (Tide) = $10.00

I already knew that this was crap, but until I got a chance to study my receipt I wasn't saying anything. The register also allocated the qs incorrectly, cause I had a $3 Tide Man q (not Cascade), but since the correct amounts deducted I wasn't too worried about it.

And yeah, we need more Cascade like I need a hole in the head, but I wanted to earn that $3 points. In fact, I just opened a new bottle from my stockpile yesterday - exactly 6 months after opening previous bottle. So I only use 2 bottles for year and I still have more than 10 bottles stockpiled.

Trans 2

2 x Papermate pencils $0.98
1 x Gillette razor 9.99
1 x Gillette cartridges 11.99
2 x Colgate t/p 5.98

Colgate DQ (4.00)
Less 2 x $7 RR (14.00)
Tax 1.74
OOP $12.68

Earned $12 (12800 points, almost $13) $10 Gillette + 10X everyday points

Before paying, I showed the cashier my $10 Gillette DQ on my phone. I now know that the manager can override the DQs. They hemmed and hawed over the DQ, because neither of us could see the participating products on our phones. I eventually told them that I'll just pay cash and contact CS. This location is always busy and once again, there was a line behind me.

So I get home and studied my receipts and noticed that I was missing several other points. I had a $5 WYS $25 Q (this is why I didn't pay with points, cause you don't earn back points. Same with the Gillette deal), $10 Gillette, $1 Pringles and $2 Swiffer that didn't deduct. I also never received the $2 Colgate RR. That's $20!!

So I go online and do Live Chat (I think I'm now a Pro at Live  CS was very helpful and said she can only add $25 points per day. I told her, no problem and that they only owe me $20. However, she said she already added $25 and to have a good day. Yes, I'll take the $5 as compensation for my time

So to recap

OOP spent : $24.31
Plus RR spent $28.00
Total Spent : $52.31

Earned $19 + $25 points + $4 RR = $48.00

Will submit for a $10 WAGS rebate (PG products from the first transaction). So total earnings = $58, which makes this a $5.69 Profit!

All that aggravation got me $90.44 worth of products for free, so I'm one happy mama :)

I just wonder why WAGS doesn't fix their system (digital qs), instead of having to compensate thousands of customers every week. Makes no sense to me.


  1. I had to quit doing these transactions because I accumulated way too much stuff. It was starting to take over cupboards and my life. I was giving most of the things away, plus arguing and spending time trying to get the points I should have had.

    1. I used to buy way too much years ago too Kim. I agree, it can definitely take over your life. I used to hit all 3 drugstores several times per week. Now I just do the good deals. If I miss out on some, I just tell myself there will be other deals.

      My DH now knows that there's method to my madness. Some we use, some (a lot) I donate and the rest I sell to put extra $$ into our pocket. At the end of the day, we all win. We've seen a huge change in our grocery budget, since I started couponing over 10 years ago.


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