Wednesday, January 15, 2020

This week's drugstore shopping

Yesterday I hit up all 3 drugstores. I started off with my favorite store. CVS of course :)


2 x Garnier conditioner 7.00
2 x Crest t/p 6.00
2 x Revlon eyeliner 24.98
1 x Ghirardelli chocolates 1.32
Less 6/30 (6.00)
Less Garnier q (3.00)
Less Garnier app q (0.50)
Less Crest dq (1.00)
Less Crest app q (0.50)
Less Revlon BOGOF q (12.49)
Less EBs (9.00)
Tax 1.88
OOP $8.69

Earned $17 EB ($8 Revlon, $4 Crest, $5 Garnier)

Total spent EBS + cash = $17.69
Total earned  = $17.00

I had another $3 Beauty EB that I didn't use, because I didn't know if the hair color counts towards beauty. I didn't want to return the hair color and end up using the q. Yeah I'm honest like that.

The Ghirardelli was Christmas clearance at 75% off. I'm surprised my store isn't at 90% off yet, cause I read that other CVS stores hit 90% on Sunday.

I also returned the 2 hair colors and received $3.44 EB and $6.87 cash. So I now have a total of $20.44 in EBS (excluding the $3 Beauty reward). A $4/20 also printed, so I'll save that to use with my CRTs next week. I need to check the ad to see if my CRTs can be applied to any good deals next week.


2 x Loreal cleanser B1G50% off $10.48
2 x Crest t/p 5.98
2 x Colgate t/p 5.98
1 x Tide 4.99
1 x Kaopectate 7.49
1 x Rolaids 5.99
Less Loreal IVC (4.00)
Less Loreal q (2.00)
Less Loreal dq (2.00)
Less Crest dq (1.00)
Less Tide dq (2.00)
Less Kaopectate IVC (2.00)
Less RRs (10.00)
Tax 2.45
OOP $20.36

Earned $8 RRs ($4 Crest, $4 Colgate) and $5 Bonus points for spending $25.

Earned $3 courtesy BR points

Earned $4.20 Ibotta ($2 Rolaids, $2 Kaopectate, 20c any item)

$#%$(*&!@ WAGS!! How on earth is my total so high? I had a 20% off $35 dq which didn't deduct. So I pointed it out to the shift manager. He said that I can pay for the transaction and he'll add some points to my account in a 2nd transaction.

So he gave me a courtesy $3 points. WTH? I'm supposed to get $7.50 back. Now I wasn't mad at the shift manager. He's really nice and employees can't see why your DQs didn't apply or deduct. So I figured I'll contact CS when I got home.

When I got home and studied my receipt, I saw that my $4 Rolaids DQ didn't deduct either. I also know that I had a $1 Crest q, but that was missing too. as in poof, gone! Ugh!! Why do I bother with WAGS?

So I contacted CS and they added $4 BR for the Rolaids. They told me that my qualifying purchases only comes to $34.91. WTH?! Turns out the Kaopectate q was an IVC (even though it was digital) and that brought my total to $34.91. Had I done this transaction at CVS, they would've honored the q, because you don't have to spend exactly $35 at CVS (another reason why I love that store. Their rewards are so easy to use). At this point I was ready to just return the darn items, but I'm not gonna waste my time making a special trip and going through more aggravation for $4.50. Note to self. Stay far away from WAGS % off WYS $X amount qs. Too much OOP and too much aggravation.

Total Spent (RRs + Cash) $30.36
Total Earned (RR, BR, Ibotta) $24.20

So not a train smash after all. I just hate having to spend so much OOP. My biggest reason for shopping the drugstores, is to roll rewards so I don't have to spend much of my own money.

Moving on


1 x Dunkin Donuts coffee $6.99
2 x Almay eyeshadow B1G50% 10.93
1 x Revlon eyeshadow 9.99
1 x Revlon eyeshadow 50% off 4.99
1 x Revlon eyeshadow 8.49
1 x Revlon eyeshadow 50% off 4.24
Less 8/40 (8.00)
Less DD mailer q (4.00)
Less 2 Almay qs (4.00)
Less Revlon BOGOF q (9.99)
Less Revlon BOGOF q (8.49)
Less BC rewards (6.23)
Tax 1.91
OOP $6.83

I swear WAGS messed with my head, cause I kept thinking I needed to spend $40 to earn the $20 Visa reward card. I didn't have an ad with me, cause I already had my shopping trip planned out, so I only needed my shopping list. I need to spend another $4.37. I'll go back and buy more Almay later this week. No problemo :)

Ugh, I know that I saw $14.xx BC in my account on Sunday. I can't even remember if I did 2 transactions before Christmas to use up BC or not. So I lost another $8 and the year has just started (this was my first RA trip for the year)...... BUT

To my surprise, the register deducted the full value of the Revlon BOGOF qs. I thought it would deduct the lower amount and was pleasantly surprised that it didn't. So that saved me an extra $9.23, which makes me feel a little better about the missing I sure wish I had more of those Revlon qs.

I love RA's mailer qs, cause I usually get a high value DD coffee q (my favorite coffee). I now have a decent coffee stockpile, thanks to RA. I also received a 5/50 CAT yesterday.

I spent a total of $57.93 OOP at the drugstores for the YTD!!! This is not my usual way to shop there. I need to rein in WAGS. That's where most of my cash is going. It's not like I don't have rewards to use. I have $72 in points + RRs.

So the drugstores were good, except for WAGS. I could've done without the hassle, but such is life in couponing land.


  1. What are you going to do with all that toothpaste and makeup? Good deals. Will you have a closet for your surplus? I had one for years and the kids loved it when they were in college and came home. They said it was like shopping.

    1. That's awesome Kim! Most of the toothpaste will be donated. My family live abroad and I like to make gift bags for my nieces and other family members. Anything left over will be sold.

  2. Cvs went to 90 percent but candy only went to 75 percent

    1. Thanks Stacie! My store didn't have much Christmas clearance, so I didn't bother to scan any other items (not that I need

  3. I used a 40% off coupon for CVS ( they emailed it to me to lure me back) for Oil of Olay lotion. I also found a digital Oil of olay coupon for $1. I ended up payin $5.24 for a$11.99 bottle of lotion. They gave me a $2.00 Reward, so I guess I gotta go back and use that now. ;-)

    1. Very nice Lisa! Remember that you have a whole month to use the $2 EB. I haven't been to CVS this week yet. I'm planning on drugstore shopping tomorrow, because WAGS has a double dip bonus points deal. I have my list and coupons ready.


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