Wednesday, January 8, 2020

WAGS, CVS & Meijer tripping

I finally made it to the drugstores today. Here's what I got


2 x Bic Razors B1G50% off 2nd $10.18
2 x Simple wipes 11.98
1 x All detergent 2.99
1 x All pods 2.99
2 x Loreal shampoo/conditioner 8.00
2 x Clearance kids christmas socks 1.18
Less 2 x Bic qs (8.00)
Less Simple DQ (3.00)
Less All q (1.00)
Less All pods q (2.00)
Less Loreal DQ (4.00)
Less Loreal IVC (2.00)
Less 2 RRs (9.00)
Tax 2.24
OOP $10.56

Earned 16000 ($16) BR points ($5 WYS $20, $6 WYS $30, $3 Bic, $2 Simple)
Earned $2.75 Ibotta (2.50 Simple, 25c any item)
Earned $2.00 CK51 (Simple)

Total RRs & Cash spent = $19.56
Total earned : $20.75
So a small MM of $1.19


2 x Revlon eyeshadow $17.58
1 x All detergent 2.99
1 x All pods 2.99
1 x Colgate t/p 3.50
2 x Covergirl mascara 13.58
1 x Loreal cleanser 7.99
2 x Nice & Easy color 15.00
Less BOGOF Revlon q (8.79)
Less Revlon CRT (4.00)
Less All q (1.00)
Less All pods q (2.00)
Less Colgate DQ (1.00)
Less Colgate CRT (2.50)
Less 2 Covergirl qs (6.00)
Less 2 Covergirl app qs (3.00)
Less Loreal DQ (2.00)
Less Loreal CRT (3.00)
Less Nice & Easy DQ (5.00)
Less EBs (10.50)
Tax 3.52
OOP $18.36

Earned 9 EBS ($5 Covergirl, $4 Revlon)

What the heck?! I couldn't believe my total, but knew that I needed to sit down & study my receipt when I get home. Turns out that my Nice & Easy app qs didn't deduct. I had a 30% off and another $ off q. Ugh, the Nice & Easy is going back. I only bought it, because it would've been super cheap after all qs. Well, the return should bring my total down by $10.60 or $15.90. Not sure if I'll get refunded for the q, because it was a DQ, but $15.90 would be

I also received a $6/30, that's good for the next week.

We really needed the detergent, because we are running low. I mainly have pods and fragrance free detergent. I don't like using pods, but at the price was good.

I'm also low on cleanser & moisturiser and since I had the Loreal CRT, I figured I'd just get a tube at CVS. It counts towards beauty rewards anyway.


Meijer has a great sale this week Spend $15 on Loreal/Garnier, save $5 instantly. This sale couldn't have come at a better time, because I'm on my last bottle of moisturiser and cleanser. The downside is that Loreal only allows one q per day...What on earth? They're sure making it hard on consumers

Trans 1

2 x Loreal cleanser $12.98
2 x Garnier shampoo 6.18
Less instant discount (5.00)
Less 2 x Loreal DQs (4.00)
Less Garnier q (3.00)
Tax 0.85
OOP $8.01

I was only gonna buy one shampoo ($3.09) to get to the $15 total. Then I figured I might as well buy 2 and use my $3/2 q. I'd only be paying an extra 9c for the 2nd bottle. I'm surprised both Loreal DQs deducted, but I'm not complaining :)

Trans 2

1 x Loreal moisturiser $11.49
2 x Garnier shampoo 7.39
2 x Bic Razors 9.98
Less instant discount (5.00)
Less Loreal dq (2.00)
Less Garnier q (4.00)
Less 2 x Bic qs (8.00)
Tax 1.43
OOP $11.29

I'm glad I read the fine print on the Bic qs this morning, cause I realised it expires on Saturday 1/11. Yikes. This is why I'm just buying cheap razors wherever I can find them.

I'm pretty sure the moisturiser is around $10 or less at Target. I'm happy with how this turned out though, because I got 4 extra items for a little less than what my moisturiser normally costs. I need to make another trip to do this deal again.

I bought 7 papers on Sunday. I usually buy 10 papers on the first Sunday of the year, because its the biggest coupon insert weekend of the year. However, my papers didn't have all the inserts. Our main paper had 2 RMN and 1 SS. The other paper only had 2 SS. Ugh. I bought 5 of the main and 2 of the other one. Thankfully the SS inserts in my main paper had all the good Revlon, Almay & Bic qs. Phew! I paid $20 for 7 papers. The smaller one cost 50c less.

For those who think that coupons aren't worth it and are a waste of time, just look at how much I saved on coupons alone (that doesn't even include the sale price).

I used a whopping $79.29 in coupons today. That doesn't include the instant discount and drugstore rewards. If I include that, then I saved a total of $106.79!! That already more than covered the cost of my newspapers. Ha & some think coupons are a waste of time. Yes, it takes time to plan your trip & clip coupons, but just think of how many hours you have to work to make that kind of money. If you don't wait for a good sale, you'd be paying even more than that too. So keep clipping my friends & save all those extra $$$$

Total OOP : $48.22
Less Clairol return ($10.60)
Earned : $4.75 (Ibotta & CK51)
Total cost to me $32.87
Total retail value : $160.13 (excluding Clairol)
Total coupons used : $79.29


  1. Nice work. Having been away for 9 days I am finding it hard to get back into the groove.

    1. Thanks Sluggy. It takes a while to get back into your regular routine, after being away.

  2. Good deals, but now you have to use them or you start to get a Sluggy cupboard as it is called in my house.

  3. That is some serious saving! 10 newspapers? I admire your ability to coordinate the coupons with the weekly store ads.

    I am working with one Sunday newspaper last week and managed to work a few Walgreen's deals. It is a learning curve but in time it will get easier. I hope lol

    1. Thank you Lisa! It does get easier with time & practice. If you like, you can send me your email address (I won't post it on my blog) and I can send you the names/links of sites that I use to plan my shopping trips.


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