Saturday, January 4, 2020

First shopping trip of the year

I cashed out RA and CVS rewards just before Christmas. I didn't want to have to worry about rnning to the store after the holidays, nor did I want to let them expire (expired 12/27). I just wanted to relax and not think about shopping.

I really haven't done any after Christmas shopping this year, because we didn't need anything. I just picked up 2 bags of Starbucks Peppermint Mocha coffee at Walmart on Monday. They were 50% off, so $3.50 each.


They have a spend $25 get $5 RR in the ad this week. I still have a large amount of points, so I figured I'd just go use some up. Besides, I have a digital q (good next week) for 6000 bonus points WYS $30. I can't earn reward if  I pay with points, but I can use RRs to reduce my OOP (I know, WAGS is

3 x Pantene $11.97
2 x Colgate t/p $5.98
3 x Crest t/p $8.97
Less Pantene DQ (5.00)
Less Crest DQ (1.00)
Less BR points (20.00)
Tax 1.62
OOP $2.54

Earned $19 RRs ($5 WYS $25, $5 Pantene, $5 Crest, $4 Colgate). I also received a $5 bonus WYS $20. I might use this instead of the $6 WYS $30, because the deals aren't that great next week.

So I spent down $20 and earned $19 rewards. Earned 25c Ibotta and submitted my receipt to Fetch.

I also stopped at Dollar Tree to pick up 2 calendars & some body wash for DS. My guys love Old Spice & I read that DT had the full size bottles in store. Of course this is hit & miss, but I'm hitting different DT (there are loads around here) and stocking up whenever I find them. At that price (retails for $4-6, depending on store), it's way cheaper than the drugstores, because I'm not spending down a lot of points/rewards. OOP $6.30

So my total oop for the year to date is $8.84. Not bad for over $50 (retail cost) worth of products.

Now I can roll my RRs into next week's bonus deals.


  1. You did well. I could never use up that much of those products.

    1. Thanks Linda. I donate a lot of the stuff that I purchase.

  2. Good for you, I used to really stock up with points and coupons and deals from Rite aid and Walgreens, but with selling the house no more. Have to use up what I have. Plus the kids were the ones that really benefited from my deals and they are all financially solvent now.

  3. I went to Walgreens today with coupons for make up that I will use and learned all about not being able to use points if I wanted to earn Rewards. Haha. So many hoops!

    1. Oh boy, WAGS can really be a pita. I should write a post about how to coupon on WAGS, because their cashiers tend to make up their own rules. I'll do it this week. Hopefully that will help.

    2. If you were buying Almay or Revlon (I know there's a great deal on it this week), then you can absolutely use points to pay. Don't let them tell you otherwise. Half the time the cashiers don't know what they are talking about.

    3. I bought Covergirl makeup, ( I will use it) and I had digital coupons and paper coupons. I did not know you could not stack the coupons (rookie mistake) Wags used the digital coupons which were only $2.00 each. My paper coupons were $3.00 each.
      I began to pay with points, meantime I was chatting with cashier about the bonus 5000 points when I spent $20. Thats when I learned I could not earn the points if I paid with rewards.
      So, the cashier (she was very helpful) had the manager add 5000 points to my account. When I got to the car and looked at my receipts, I saw that Wags actually added the 5000 points bonus, and I also had the manager added 5000 points which in my mind made up for the lesser coupons (digital) being used instead of my higher value (paper) coupons.
      Did all that make sense!??

      I do have a couple of coupons for Revlon that I may go back and use.

      So, clarify for me, if you pay with points, you don't earn rewards?


    4. Yes, it did make sense :) I'm glad you got the extra points though.

      I just wrote a post about how their points & coupons work. I hope that will help you.


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