Saturday, January 25, 2020

WAGS Round 2. A much better trip

I ventured out to WAGS again yesterday, because the next 2 weeks' ads don't look good and I had $12 RRs that expires in that time frame. I also learned that the $7 bonus WYS $25 DQ can be used multiple time. Yay!

Trans 1

2 x Revlon lip stain $19.98
2 x Russell Stover candy 1.38
Less BOGO Revlon q (9.99)
Less Russell Stover DQ (0.60)
Less BR points (10.00)
Tax 1.20
OOP $1.97

Earned $10 RR Revlon and $5 BR Beauty points

I know that BR points will sometimes cover part of sales tax, but after Thursdays fiasco, I wasn't taking any chances. That's why I grabbed the candy, to ensure that I could use $10 in points. After all, I had $86 on my account. Got to use up them points :)

Trans 2

6 x Softsoap b/w $23.94
2 x Loreal shampoo/conditioner 8.00
Less Loreal q (4.00) This is the q I forgot to take to CVS yesterday
Less Loreal IVC (2.00)
Less yesterday's earned RRs (12.00)
Less RR from Trans 1 (10.00)
Tax 1.92
OOP $5.86

Earned $27 BR points ($15 Softsoap, $5 WYS $20, $7 WYS $25 on beauty).

Total Spent (Cash + Rewards) $44.83
Total Earned : $42

I started out with $86 in points and now have a balance of $108!! Oy vey. I hope another good sale comes along soon. I'd like to stock up on some household items (detergent & we are low on paper products)

Now THIS is how I like to shop. Softsoap is one of our favorite b/w brands, so I was very happy to stock up.

I should've known it was gonna be a good trip, cause when I walked into the store I found a $5 WYS $20 RR in the first shopping cart I grabbed. I already had one from thursday, so I'm saving that one just in case a good scenario pops up next week (so much for not going shopping the next 2

I really thought that I was out of BOGOF Revlon qs. I've found 2 this week that made me jump for joy. After doing the math, I realised that this is the last 2. I had 5 inserts (bought 7 papers the first Sunday of the year) that had the Revlon qs. I used 2 at RA and one at CVS. So yeah, the extra 2 is not by some miracle....lmao. I don't know what I was

I still have $5 Revlon face qs and WAGs has the Revlon deal next week again. So I might do 2 transactions to use up some points. Then combine the RRs with the Bonus $5 points RR. I'll have to check the ad again.


If anyone needs to stock up on t/p, try the Cottonelle deal. This deal works at several different stores, but I happened to shop at Walmart.

1 x Cottonelle t/p $6.48
Less $1 q (SS 1/5) (1.00)
OOP $5.48

Earn 2500 points Fetch ($2.50)
Earn $1 Ibotta
Total cost after rewards = $1.98

The Fetch is a limit of 3, but you can only redeem one t/p per receipt. There's also a 500 point bonus if you buy the Cottonelle wipes too. I think it's around $2.48-2.70. Use 50c q and earn $1 Ibotta and 50c Fetch (500 point bonus for buying both t/p and wipes). So that's around $0.48-0.70 for the wipes

On another note, my car is fixed. When I asked DH if there's gas in the other vehicle that I like to use (DH loves to drive until the gas gauge is on E. He knows it drives me nuts), he told me that my car is fixed. He bought an alternator on Thursday night and replaced the bad one. Yay!! But when I was ready to go out, I saw my car on the hoist minus it's 2 front wheels. He told me that he was gonna replace the exhaust or something else (I can't even The one good thing about something going wrong with my car, is that DH will check everything else and then replace whatever parts he feels is not up to standard. Not that there's anything seriously wrong with it, but he likes to keep our vehicles in tip top shape. So I just grabbed another set of keys and off I went to go do some damage at the stores.

Now I need to plan for next week's deals. My grocery shopping is already done, so it's just drugstore deals.


  1. It is always nice when Walgreen's shopping goes as planned! Good job!

    1. It's more like a shock, but in a good Thank you Lisa


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