Friday, March 20, 2020

Counting our blessings

These are trying times and I know that many are worried about the virus, the unknown, jobs, paying bills etc. I don't blame people. While there's much to be worried about, I've decided to focus on the positive instead.

1. Thankful that we currently have everything we need & more.

As mentioned before, we have a decent stockpile. I haven't been to any stores since Sunday. I baked some bread rolls earlier this week and made enough food to last a week or more. Yesterday DH stopped at Aldi while he was out and brought home raisin bread (not that we need bread, but I can freeze it for future use), broccoli and carry out. While I'm hesitant to even order any food from anywhere, I did eat the carryout. Not wasting anything.

We still have enough food to get us through another week or 2, before having to go shopping. I'm just cooking whatever meals I can. My friend couldn't find chicken earlier this week. I wish I had known before she managed to find some at one store, because I would gladly have given her some (not that we have much chicken left, but you help wherever you can).

2. Thankful that we're in a position to help others.

I contacted my cousin in NY and some friends of ours to ask if they needed anything. While most said they have everything, I told them to let me know if they run out of personal care items. We're not sure how long this quarantine is gonna last and I know most stores have run out of personal care items and most things are on back order.

3. Thankful that we can pay our bills

Even though DH and I are self-employed and won't get any paid sick leave or paid time off from employers, we're still in good financial state. Thankful that we can still pay all our bills.

4. Thankful that we can still earn a living

Business seems to have picked up for DH and with most places closed, people will shop online. While things have been slow for me, it seems to be picking up again. So I'm thankful that we can still earn a living. So if you're self-employed and still able to earn a living (even if it's less than you normally earn), be thankful that you still have money coming in. There are many folks who have been laid off and are struggling to make ends meet.

I'm glad the government will be sending stimulus checks, because I know that there are many folks who have a mortgage or rent to pay. From what I've read, adults will receive $1200.00 each.

5. Thankful that we have our health.

While we hate being stuck indoors, we're thankful that we're not one of those infected with the virus. DH still deals with customers, so I do a bleach/disinfectant wipe down every day. We also pray for all the infected folks daily.

My friend in CA said that her city has 10 confirmed cases. So staying put is what we're doing. I get so mad at people who don't take this pandemic seriously. Come on folks, the sooner you stay home, the sooner we can get through this, because the virus isn't being transferred to anyone else.

I know that there are many more things that we are thankful for.

Please feel free to share anything you are thankful for. Let's help lift each other up with positive thoughts & words. Remember, this too shall pass.

Stay safe & healthy everyone!


  1. I am in no danger of losing my ss and disability checks, thankfully. And, Tommy has income that will not be affected. So, there is that happy circumstance. But, being able to work would be better. Except for quick forays into grocery and drive-up pharmacy trips, we are home. There is my new garden in the backyard. I can go I would hate to live in an apartment without easy access to grass and green.

    1. Love the garden!! Enjoy every minute of it. I wish the rain would let up, so I can start planting. We're getting rain & snow showers for the rest of the month. I just need some sunshine :)

      I hear you about apartment living. We have 2 acres, so there's lots of room to garden and run around.

  2. I am thankful, I have you to remind me of just how much I have. We are blessed to have enough and enough to give away.

    1. Awww, thank you for your sweet words Kim. I'm glad that you & your family have more than enough.


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