Friday, March 13, 2020

Why I should trust my gut and not listen to DH

I mentioned before how DH didn't want me to go stock up at Sams. Well, yesterday I was gonna go out to shop for work inventory. My gut, however, kept telling me to go do grocery shopping instead. My friends in neighboring states mentioned that their schools were closed for 3 weeks & I knew we'd end up in the same boat. So I wanted to make sure that we have everything we need, in case we end up confined to our homes. I usually shop on Fridays (instead of shopping the first day of the sale - Sundays like I used to), because the stores are empty in the middle of the day and that way I can cook our meals for the week on Sundays, without having to run to the stores first.

Since I needed to go to the produce market anyway, I decided to just go stock up on some meat and bread at Sams. After the produce market I stopped at Walmart. The place was insane!! This is not how it normally looks. It looked like everyone and their mother were shopping. Got my few goodies (mainly milk & 4 dozen eggs) and decided to throw in a few more canned goods.

Then off to Sams and this was a real shock to me. No chicken (waah, I love their non GMO chicken. I bought 2 packs last week, but figured I'd get some more to last us the next 3-4 weeks). So I opted for ground turkey and found a package of beef. No stewing beef, no bread, tp, pt, water. The seafood and bakery sections were empty too. What the heck?! You'd think the world was coming to an end tomorrow.

This is exactly why I wanted to stock up last week. I'm so glad I just bought t/p last week, instead of listening to DH, cause it's now as scarce as chicken teeth. Not that we have to panic about it. We still have p/t, 30 boxes of Kleenex (man those Kleenex can sure come in and Cottonelle wipes (thanks to Ibotta). I knew that once people start panicking, they'd clear the store shelves and this is exactly what I wanted to avoid getting caught up in. I'm just gonna keep trusting my gut no matter what DH says. He should know by now that when I decide to do things, it's for a good reason. And that the wife is ALWAYS I sure am glad that I shopped yesterday, cause stores might look worse today. My friend said the Costco lines were so long, you'd be in line for 2 hours, so she left. I'm glad Sams has self checkout, so it's easy in, easy out.

I take back what I said about 'Aldi shit' I stopped there after Sams and found bread and pie crusts. They sure saved the day. Shhh, don't tell DH or I'll never hear the end of Not that we're stranded without bread. I have lots of flour from holiday baking and bought yeast yesterday.I also got 2 large tubs ICBINB at Sams last week. So I can bake bread and muffins. I just don't want to have to bake all the time.

When I got home, I cooked a 40 oz package ground turkey (Sams sells 2 x 40 oz packs for around $13 and I bought 2 packs) and made spaghetti meat sauce. Added some spinach and red peppers to that. I managed to freeze 2 portions for possible spaghetti or lasagna. The rest we'll have over ravioli tonight with a side salad. I portioned and froze the rest of the turkey.

Later I will clean and freeze some of the produce like peppers, onions and some grapes. This way I don't have to worry about anything spoiling.  I just wish we had a stand alone freezer. That would've come in handy right now. Tomorrow I'll make some individual meat pies (chicken or beef) and freeze those too. Our meals might have to get a little creative if we are stuck indoors longer than 3 weeks, but that's okay.

We're all set for at least 4 weeks. We don't need any food, household or HBA products. I just told DH to bring a case of beer when he went out earlier. The good news is that we won't be eating any junk food. We dine out every weekend and get carry out on Fridays, but I'm too afraid to have someone prepare my food, who might be infected without knowing it. Eating at home will be healthier and far better for my pocketbook. I do still have some Sams pizza in the freezer. Once a month, I order 2 x 16 oz cooked pizzas from the cafe. I do this once I get there, then shop and my pizza's ready by the time I'm done shopping. Then we just eat a few slices and freeze the rest for future use. I got 2 pizzas last week. I was gonna order 2 more yesterday, but the cafe was out of pizza too! Crazy!

I don't know how I'm gonna survive not doing drugstore shopping for the next few weeks. Darn! We're getting beauty rewards on Sunday and I have a $9 beauty reward too. The good news is that we can add it to our accounts online. I'll just have to see how things go. I'm wondering if CVS will accept expired EBs now that most people are stuck at home.


  1. Yes, we are always WM shelves were almost empty. It may because it was Friday afternoon, but people had huge, full carts, and everybody had water. Tommy reported this to me. At Publix there are still Lysol wipes. All stores are rationing the purchase of certain items. That seems reasonable.

    Call corporate CVS and request they accept expired ones. That might make them see something they should implement in this emergency.

    We are already out of bread!

    1. Your Walmart sounds like mine. I didn't even bother to go to Meijer, cause I knew that if Sams and Walmart were bad, then Meijer would be too.

      I've been having a hard time finding frozen broccoli for the past few weeks. I wonder if there's a shortage, cause Walmart has been out for weeks and Meijer only had the Birdseye ones.

  2. After this all settles down, I am not going to get caught off gaurd again. The stress and anxiety of getting the bare necessities has about done me in.

    1. I'm with you Lisa. While we have a decent stockpile, we had very little t/p, because I buy Sams brand. From now onwards, I'll buy a pack every 3-4 weeks. I've wanted a chest freezer for years, but DH is against it. That freezer would've come in handy right now. I don't want to hear anything other than, we're buying a freezer.


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