Wednesday, March 25, 2020

This and that

Hope everyone's still doing well while under quarantine. We're on week 2 and I have to admit that the first week was really hard. The week just seemed to drag on forever. Now that we're past that, things are going better.

We've been taking long drives on weekends, just to get out of the house.

I haven't gone out to shop, except for a few groceries every Sunday. We stopped at a Walmart on our way home on Sunday night and half the store was cleaned out. Wait, what?! We're already on week 2 and people are still acting like the sky is falling. Crazy! I couldn't find a single egg at Walmart. I did find frozen broccoli though and there weren't any limits, so I grabbed 3 bags. I must admit that I'm loving my low grocery budget ($50 or less per week). Just goes to show that we can spend less if we

DH stopped at Aldi on Monday and while they had limits on items, he was still able to buy 4 dozen eggs. We eat eggs daily and that 4 doz will last just a week. He also brought home wheat bread (I haven't eaten white bread in almost 2 decades) and dried pinto beans.

Yesterday I made instant pot refried beans, pulled a bag of fajita chicken from the freezer (I always cook a large batch when I buy chicken, then freeze in portions. We then use it for all things Mexican, tacos, nachos, burritos...etc). I made chicken quesadillas and we had that with beans & salad.

We still have lots of food. I've actually told DH not to buy anything else, because there's so much to eat. I'm only running low on some produce like onions and carrots, but I'm too afraid to go to the produce market. That place is cramped, so there's no way to practice social distancing. I'll probably just pick up those things at Meijer.

For those who like bag salad, try Walmart. I've discovered that their salad (store brand) lasts way past it's expiration date (like a week later it was still good), as long as the bag is unopened. I like to buy the large bags of Romaine salad and usually grab 2 bags when I'm there. So we're good on salad for at least 2 weeks.

I did some online shopping and only spent $1.74 OOP (WAGS). Got some clearanced Valentines candy that I'm saving for Easter. The 16ct Ferrero was clearanced to $4.69, so I got 2. Bought some other makeup items (that all had digital coupons). Used $20 rewards and paid $1.74, then earned $0.84 from Rakuten.

I also found a new winter coat for DS at JCP. They had it on sale for $22.99, so I grabbed 2. Yes, I got 2, because these coats are so hard to find and it's our favorite. No way am I waiting until one is needed and then pay the $200 retail price. DS is now good for a few years. One coat will be packed away until the other one breaks. Paid with that JCP gc that I redeemed from Rakuten last month.

Did a bit of Kohls shopping too. I received a 40% off mystery code and there were other stackable codes, so I stocked up on more winter essentials. I don't know how I always end up losing my gloves. I've started buying extra pairs, because I'm always misplacing my gloves or losing one or both. I also added a Christmas gift, so that's one more gift off my list. Used more earned gcs. So no money spent.

Received a $10 Pyrex visa card. I had all but given up on this card. I always buy Pyrex storage containers during Kohls BF sale and the rebate normally arrives early February. By early March, I just gave up on it. Then last week, I got the card in the mail. Happy dance!

I started growing some onions from the onion ends. My first attempt, so lets hope it works. I still have produce seeds from last year (cilantro, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, peppers), so I'll get that planted as soon as I get potting soil. I'll have to check the shed, cause I'm pretty sure we still have half a bag.

The weather is finally nice (not for long), so we'll go for walks to get some fresh air & exercise.

DH & I are both still working, so our routine hasn't varied that much.

Hope y'all have a good day. I'm off to clean house and get some work done.


  1. Growing anything is good. The kids could each grow a plant and call it science and document it. There is science and language in one simple plant. Look at my blog for the Jackson pollock site. I love it for myself!

    1. Thank you Linda! I know who Jackson Pollock is. I'll check his site.

  2. That's usually when my rebate/gift cards show up, when I give up on them arriving. lolz
    Glad you got yours and good deal on getting 2 of that coat at that price point! Let's hope nobody calls you a coat hoarder...j/k

    1. LMAO.... I laughed way too hard at that coat hoarder You crack me up Sluggy!

  3. Replies
    1. Many stores have Pyrex on sale during Black Friday week and there's a $10 rebate every year. I get mine at Kohls, because they also offer $15 Kohls Cash WYS $50. I buy a set every year and now have enough glass storage containers.


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