Thursday, February 23, 2023

How I shop for ourselves

Hi everyone

As promised, here is a post about how I shop (stockpile) clothes for ourselves. Remember that 'Extra 50% off clearance sale' that Kohls had 2 weeks ago. Here's what I bought DS.  

4 T-shirts. You'll notice different sizes. As mentioned before, sizing is off on a lot of items since the dawn of the pandemic. I normally hold DS's items up to myself, to see if it will fit. It It's easier than just buying his size & then discovering that half the items don't fit. 

2 UA sweatpants and 3 shorts. Look at the retail price of the UA pants - $60. I was very happy to pay $18 each. If DS could live in sweats & shorts, he'd be a happy camper. 

A sweater, because his mama loves dress clothes :)

A full zip sweater. I was so happy with the quality (it's heavy) of this item. Please take a closer look at the retail price - $99.50!!!! My total for everything was $111.69 + tax after discount and my $5 KC.

Retail value - $483.00 (a 76.88% savings)

Always remember that MSRP means Manufacturer's SUGGESTED Retail price. That doesn't mean we have to pay that price though. Wait for the end of season sale and stock up.

I would usually just add these items to the spare closet for when it's needed, but it's packed into boxes instead. No use hanging up everything now, just to pack it again soon. 

Now, on to my items. First. let's talk about my FREE $159 suede shoes. You read that right :). I've had these shoes in my cart for about 4-5 months. It's not my usual style, so it wasn't a need. I thought it's cute and it's genuine suede (say no more. I love the quality stuff). The shoes had been reduced to $49.99 over the months (little bits at a time), but my gut told me to not pay that price. It's not like it was a need or a Must Have anyway. I had a $10 Chicos reward in my account (rewards are usually good for at least 3 months). When the $10 sale started, I noticed that the shoes were reduced to $10! No frigging way. I immediately checked out and applied my $10 reward to it. Holy smokes!! I've scored really great deals over the years, but never got a FREE pair of genuine suede shoes before. Happy dance!!

The following items were all reduced to $10. This is not my usual style (too much print and I don't care for those tie neck nonsense). I'm a 'Less is more' kinda girl, so I like to keep things simple. I bought this blouse mainly on a whim. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about their Black Label brand. Look at the retail price - $169!! I'll be the first to say that there's absolutely no difference between this & their regular styles (other than the price). No fancy, extra quality fabric or style. It kinda reminds me of Ralph Lauren's Purple Label. To me, there's nothing special about it. Oh well, I at least have some old  cute shoes to (I love these shoes. It's the African in I can just add a black or brown dress pants or suit & call it a day. All is not lost. 

I almost didn't buy this top. Why? It looked more purple online and the reviews were not all good. Another 'just because' purchase. I figured I can sell it if I don't like it. Boy was this a pleasant surprise. This top is much prettier in person. I couldn't believe it. I guess they didn't style it well online. I love this top, especially the cuffs. 

This is my favorite purchase!!! I couldn't believe how beautiful this anorak was. The fabric is oh so pretty & soft. Who knew that polyester could look so good. The photos don't do it justice. It's a navy & black camo print (I'm color blind when it comes to dark colors, especially black & navy, so the photos don't look too good to me). I could kick myself for not buying the brown one too. It actually has long sleeves that are rolled up. 

A pair of dress pants. Not that I needed any more dress pants, but I liked the fabric.

I bought these capris mainly because of the cute embellishment. This jeans actually hugs my curves in all the right places :)

This is more my style. I have many of these cotton blouses, because they are just beautiful. They usually have 'drama' sleeves (different kinds of lace, embroidery or laser cut). I like the plain items that make a statement with just a simple design. I have this blouse in cobalt blue too (I paid $30 for the blue, because it sold out long before this sale). I can wear this black one with just about every single bottoms I have in my closet. 

This was a 'must have' purchase. I paid $40 for it. This blouse caught my eye, because it used to be a fashion faux pas to mix prints (I still stick to that rule). Besides, it's in my favorite color. How could I resist.

I bought several more items. I think I bought 18 (don't $10 items. That's $180. Heck, that Black Label blouse costs almost as much as my entire purchase. I like to keep things in my spare closet. When I need or want a new outfit, I just hit the spare closet and I don't have to break the bank for it. 

To top it off, I earned another $20 Chicos reward this week, because you earn points for every purchase. I currently have rewards to 5 different stores (that's all I can remember right now) and don't need a single thing. Trust me when I say, I need nothing. But if things go south in the world again (we all know that the last 3 years have been full of 'surprises'), then I don't have to worry about spending any money on clothes. We've got that area covered. 

Please don't pay attention to the sizes. Chico's has a weird sizing system. I can only dream of squeezing my behind into a Size

I learned that Kohls has an extra 30% off clearance again (not sure when it ends). I, personally, won't bite since I already shopped. Besides, I'm hoping for another 50% off. If you need to shop, check Rite Aid for a Kohls GC deal next week. You might as well take the extra RA rewards, then use the gc to pay for your purchases at Kohls. Who doesn't like free money?

Next time, I'll show you a bit of my style - how I mix & match my outfits (if anyone is interested). Trust me, I can live on a capsule wardrobe, but I'm not gonna do No way. I'm not a high maintenance woman. I don't do all this nails, spas & all kinds of other things that most women do (not that I'm against it. I wouldn't mind a spa day), so I hardly spend money (contrary to popular belief). So spending money on new clothes (especially at 90%+ off) isn't a big deal. 

Have a wonderful weekend peeps. Stay healthy, safe & warm. 


  1. You got some great deals and with sale prices as well as Kohls coupons saved a great deal of money.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you Jackie. It's my preferred way to shop.

  2. Do you use Rakuten for even more savings when purchasing online? I just found your blog and have enjoyed reading some of your past writings.

    1. Thank you & welcome Alice. Yes, I always use Rakuten when shopping online. I especially love when they offer 10% or more back at select stores.

  3. I love your purchases and the prices. My daughter would die if I wore animal prints, but I don't tell her Is this online or at the store. I have never been in a Kohl's. I try to buy nice but cheaply.

    1. Lol.. I don't blame your daughter Linda. That animal print blouse is too busy for me. I like it in small doses (like the shoes). We're on the same page. I too, prefer nice but inexpensive things. The sale is both online & in store. However, you'll find far more & better items & prices in store.

    2. I looked online and saw none of what you bought. I suppose I will have to drag myself inside at least once. I have an animal print skirt. I wear it with a red blouse. Now that I have red sandals, I might wear those with it, too.

    3. Clearance vary by location Linda, so not all Kohls will have the same clearance items. The name brand items always sell out fast & that sale was 2-3 weeks ago. The stores were packed, so there's no chance of finding it now.

      My clothes came from Chico's, not Kohls. If you don't hit the sale the minute it starts, you won't find anything (not even later in the day). When retailers have such big sales, it's to make room for the new season's inventory, so you won't find those sale items again. Clothing styles change from one season to the next. I hope you'll find something good in store.

  4. I love everything you bought but especially the shoes and the jeans. I am a sucker for pretty details. We seem to have a very similar style. It always pays to shop the seasonal sales. Have a great weekend!!

    1. Thank you Lori! Oh yes! Pretty is definitely me too :) Isn't it crazy how similar we are with so many things. We were probably related in a previous You have a great weekend too!

  5. Such great deals and woo Hoo on the free shoes! You did great!

  6. I love the items you chose for yourself. These posts are the best. I have so much to learn.

  7. I need to lean into the GC buying for "free" money/items. Right now I have almost enough Swagbuck for a $100.00 Amazon gc. And I have over $300.00 point on a CC that I should redeem on GC. Or have them send a check so I can buy sale GCs locally. Thanks for sharing how you use them.


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