Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Drugstore shopping & more

Hi everyone

Please pray for all those affected by the tornado in Mississippi & school shooting in Nashville. Pray for emergency personnel & all those involved in the helping with the clean up and/or rebuild. My heart just breaks for all those innocent lives lost & the devastation endured. Every time I read about some disaster, it makes me realise just how fragile life is. It makes me appreciate everyone & everything in my life even more. It makes me want to do more special things for those I hold near & dear, to show them how much I love them. Family & appreciating the simple little things in life, are most important to me. Please hug your loved ones a little tighter, spend more quality time with them, be kind to everyone you come across - even if it just means smiling at them. 

PSA - JCP has B1G1F clearance. It's for Pink clearance sticker items only. The items all ring up at 50% off, so you don't have to buy an even amount of items. 

Well, I'm sick again. Actually, I don't even know if I'm sick. I've had non-stop sneezing, a runny nose & puffy eyes yesterday. This makes me think that it's allergies. I don't feel too bad. I was out & about for hours yesterday. Then took an allergy pill with sleep aid, but didn't sleep well. After DS left this morning, I did mail & breakfast, then went back to bed. After I showered & ate again, I felt a lot better. I just need more sleep. I think my body's just run down from all kinds of stress & poor sleeping the last few weeks. Add allergy season to that & it's a recipe for disaster. I need to get better, because I need to run errands again tomorrow. It's times like these that I'm thankful our meals are all cooked. 

It's been a while since I've posted drugstore deals. I haven't been doing much drugstore shopping lately, cause Wags made me broke last However, thanks to inflation, I've decided to continue adding inexpensive deals to my stockpile. I'm trying to combat inflation by doing this. Trying being the operative word, because I'm constantly shocked by grocery prices. Sorry, no pics. I don't have the energy to haul out items for photos. 


1 x Dove b/w $8.99

2 x Dove shampoo $10.58

1 x Suave shampoo $2.89

Less Dove Q (3.00)

Less Dove shampoo Q (3.00)

Less EBs (15.00)

Tax 1.46

OOP $2.81

Earned $10 EB

I had $15 EBs that were expiring this month. The deals didn't look too good this week, but I was determined to roll my EBs into new rewards. I was going to add another Dove shampoo to get my total to over $20, when I noticed that Suave & Tresemme is part of the same deal (Spend $20 get $10). I know that Suave is normally the least expensive item, so that's what I added.


I had $29 expiring this week & again, no good deals. I decided to just purchase items that we will use (that will earn more rewards)

2 x A&H t/b refills $10.48

4 x Colgate t/p 15.96

1 x Softsoap hand soap refill 5.99

Less Softsoap DQ (3.00)

Less Colgate DQ (1.00)

Less BC (29.00)

Tax 1.95

OOP $1.38

Earned $18 BC ($14 Colgate, $4 A&H)

The Softsoap will last us an entire year by using the foaming soap dispenser. I was going to purchase A&H t/b (B1G1 50% off). However, the store price was $10.49 compared to $8.99 online. Then I noticed the refills on clearance (50% off) and didn't care if I didn't earn BC on it. Success! It worked!


2 x Garnier stylers $8.00

Less Garnier DQ (3.00)

Less WC (5.00)

Tax 0.48

OOP $0.48

Earned $4 RR

I did this deal 3 times. Regular Garnier & Whole Blends are all part of the same weekly deal, so I had to split my transactions in order to earn more than one reward. 

Rewards Spent : $59

Rewards earned : $40.00

Total OOP : $5.63

Total items purchased : 16

Retail value : $104.03

A whopping $5.63 OOP spent at all 3 drugstores!! Happy dance :)

In other news:

  • I stopped at Aldi while out on Friday to pick up brioche for DS and look for samosas. I checked the fridge and there were other frozen items in the samosas spot. No biggie. I already bought 6 boxes and we already ate half of I rounded the corner and saw a full display of samosas in both flavors on the other side of the fridges (It's set in a square, so there's 4 sections to look for things). I should've taken a pic, because I couldn't believe my eyes. I've never seen that much samosas at Aldi (or even Trader Joe's). They should just add this as a regular item, because it's so popular. I bought 8 boxes. Oh yes, I I sure wish I had an extra freezer. I'd be stocking up until Aldi runs out, because I know their products keep changing. 

    I have to explain that not all samosas are created equal. I've seen samosas at Meijer, Target & even the Ethnic Indian store and they didn't look half as good as what I'm used to. I once ordered samosas at a Pakistani restaurant not far from our home and didn't even want to touch the samosas when I saw it. That thing looked horrible. It was as if someone attempted to make a triangle, but turned it into a circle with 2 pointy edges (not 3) instead. It was burned too - fried too long. Only Trader Joe's & Aldi have samosas that look & taste like what I'm using to eating back home. I told y'all I'm a food If a man brought me a box of samosas from either of those stores (just because), I'd be the happiest girl on earth. I've always said that I'm a cheap date. Just feed me I love good food!
  • Picked up a free b/w at BBW with my Q. Has anyone noticed their huge price increases?
  • Bought 4 items at Kohls & paid with KC. Zero OOP for me. Peeps, be sure to take advantage of all kinds of deals & rewards. I shopped at Kohls, BBW, CVS, RA & Wags and only spent $5.63 OOP. Use that free money, because times are tough. There's not much we can do about grocery/food prices, so all the drugstore and other savings help balance things. 

    I don't know what happened, but my Kohls had very little clearance available. The store was overflowing with clearance during the extra 50% off sale. I'm glad I took advantage of those sales, because all other retailers have very little clearance or regular inventory. The only other retailer with good clearance, is JCP
  • I received my cotton sleep shirts from Macy's & am very happy with it. The tag says 100% cotton, but the fabric has a bit of stretch in it. That's definitely not 100% cotton, but I'm pleased with the items. I decided to wait until they had a good sale price on it again, to order more. They had it on sale for $14.99 last week, so I ordered 6 more. Used the rest of my Macy's gc and paid $33.48  OOP. I don't care that I have duplicates in the same color or style. There's nothing sexy about these sleep shirts, but I'm just happy to have cotton sleepwear again. These will last for years. I'll only keep 3 out at a time. I might return that RL one I bought at Marshalls, because the Macy's ones are a far better quality.
  • I only bought myself a pair of slipper booties at JCP (I buy a spare pair every year or whenever I need an extra pair). Paid $5.80 + tax OOP, because somebody forgot their gc at Received a $10 reward. I only shop JCP once a year, so the rewards are always a surprise.
  • Purchased a pair of jeans & 3 tops/blouses from WHBM with my $80 rewards. Paid $11.20 OOP. This was no easy task, because they always increase their prices during rewards week. As expected, the prices were reduced again as soon as rewards expired. Ugh!

    Then I received an email stating that I earned another $5 reward. Go me!
That's all I can think of right now. 

Enjoy the rest of the week peeps! Stay healthy, safe & warm.


  1. I'm so sorry that you're not feeling well again. It sounds like it is allergies but even that is no fun at all.
    I went to our Aldi looking for the Samosas and they had none. I'm a bit surprised as we have a large Indian/Pakistani community here. I'll keep looking and ask if they ever carry them next time.
    As always, great job on the sales. It is mind blowing how expensive everything is getting.
    Take care of yourself my friend!!

    1. Thank you my friend. I'm getting better. I'm sorry you didn't find samosas at Aldi, but I'm not surprised. It's hit or miss with their products. If you were closer, I'd gladly share with you :) I'm almost too afraid to add the last grocery numbers to my spreadsheet, because I know it's not gonna be pretty. Hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. So sorry that you are not up to snuff. I feel a bit better today, still slightly headachy, feverish, and coughing. Not Covid though.

    As usual you did a great job saving.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you Jackie! It turns out I have bronchitis. I'm glad you're doing better & don't have covid. Wishing you a speedy recovery.


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