Sunday, March 5, 2023

This & That

Hi everyone

Just a few things that have happened around Casa Goose lately.

  • Received my Rakuten check for $77.  RA had Kohls gc deal. Buy $75 get $12 BC (limit 2). So I did what I do best - take advantage of the free money deal. I bought 2 gcs and will deduct the balance from our side hustle money at month end. That added a free $24 to my RA account.
  • I was running low on dryer sheets and Target had a P&G deal. Spend $50 get $15 gc. I took a $50 Target gc from my savings jar, so I didn't have to spend too much cash OOP. Bought 2 large Tide ($21.99) and a box of Bounce sheets. Paid $6.31 OOP  Earned $15 gc and submitted for $10 PG rebate.

    I did have a $10 gc from my last Target trip (I like to do their Tide/Bounce deals to roll my gcs), but figured it's best to just pay with $50 (I'm trying to save my March grocery So I just added the $25 ($10+15) gcs back into the savings jar. Technically, I only spent $25 gc after replacing it with the earned gcs. I have Target rewards and a gc balance on my account (over $50), but I need to download the app to use at in store checkout (self scan). Ugh, I don't have any more space on my phone and I'm not paying for extra storage. I also still have a $10 Microsoft gc to use for future purchases. I rarely shop at Target, so I'll save it for a rainy day.
  • I received a BBW mailer that included a free full size (up to $15.95) item Q. Thank you BBW
  • I had a $15 JCP Q (for being a rewards member for 10 years). If I go to JCP once a year, it's a lot. So I went to the store, bought some clearance items, used my Q and part of the gc I bought at CVS in January. Then listed the items for sale. I wasn't gonna pass up a free $15
  • Madewell also sent me a $15 'just because' reward that I need to redeem this week.
  • I earned a $10 Kohls Y2Y reward from all that clearance shopping.

  • I stopped at Kroger while out on Saturday to buy some Pepperidge farm brioche bread that was $0.99 after rewards (KC & Ibotta). Well, it looks like my store doesn't even carry the brioche. As I was leaving the aisle, I spotted a clearance rack at the end out of the corner of my eye. So I backtracked and they had a rack full of reduced bread. But what caught my eye earlier was the yellow Dave's killer bread packaging. It was reduced to $3.56 (normally $6.99). That's such a weird clearance price. Were they aiming for 50% off and hit the wrong amount or did they get the math wrong? So I took 3 and placed it in my cart. Then I thought 'what the heck, just get the other 2 too', so I did. Nobody was buying the clearanced bread (which had a 03/07/23 expiration date. I toast my bread anyway, so the date isn't an issue for me. I have forgotten how good this bread is) I used my $7 KC and paid $10.80 for 5 loaves. I guess Aldi won't be seeing me for bread for more than a 

  • About 2 weeks ago, I spotted Old Spice Captain b/w at Walmart. It was priced $7!! Holy cannoli. I paid $4.24 (after discounts) during that Target sale last year and earned $5 gcs back on it. So I basically paid $3 per bottle. Now these things cost $7!!!! Yikes! 
  • Fast forward to me checking the item online and stumbling across the body sprays. Whoo-hoo! Happy dance. I remember that the sprays were only available in Canada before, so I'm over the moon to find it here. Even better. Those OS b/w sets I bought DS after Christmas, had Qs attached to the boxes. There were Qs for $6/3 body sprays. I'm one happy girl. I also split those sets and sold the rest (I only saved the b/w for DS) and made over $30 profit.

    Now, as I've mentioned before, it looked like this scent has been discontinued. The strange part is that Walmart bottles have new packaging. So I wondered if they just cleared out the old product to introduce the new packaging (manufactures usually do this). However, you can't find this scent at any other big stores (Meijer). It's only available at Wags online and Target now has some. So it looks like they just changed the packaging. I'm very happy to see that this scent is still available, but the price is crazy high. Not to worry.  This girl stocked up like crazy at the $3 price. Yep. There's always method to my madness :) I don't have to worry about paying that $7 price for a very long time, cause DS has 21 bottles. That might sound like a crazy number, but it's almost enough for my 2 year stockpile supply. I figured he uses a bottle per month (I actually haven't tracked it). So, would you buy 21 bottles at $3 each or would you prefer to pay $7 or more (remember, the price keeps increasing) every time you need a new bottle. You do the math :)
  • I bought 2 cooked pizzas at Sams cafe for $19. I buy the deluxe ones which contain pepperoni, Italian sausage and veggies. I'm trying to lower our Friday carry out bill (heck, I'd like to cut it out completely). Some of the pizza has been frozen. Now we can alternate between pizza & mexican food (burritos or use the taco meat for nachos) for Friday dinners. I don't mind getting fries for DS to add to the meal. 
  • I pulled 2 half empty ice cream containers (different flavors) from the freezer, added frozen fruit & milk and made milkshakes on Friday. We couldn't even taste the difference in flavors. Thanks to Jackie's inspiration for using it all up. 
  • I'm doing the same with my b/w. I tend to open a new bottle when I buy new fragrances (especially BBW ones). This results in me leaving half empty bottles, because I'm enjoying the new scents so much. No more. I've started using the old ones. I need to use it all up before I can open anything new. Does anyone else do this? 
  • I ordered a new crockpot online. A few hours later I received an email that my item was delivered. Imagine my shock when I saw this big box on the porch. I just wanted a simple small crockpot. Well, this is an 8 quart pot. I had no clue what a quart is... well, until now. I finally googled it and learned that it's 4 cups. I know that 2 cups equals 500 ml. So 4 cups equals a liter. No frigging way! This thing holds 8 liters!!!! As my father used to say 'What the bloody hell were you thinking?' Well, I at least learned what a quart is. This pot will come in handy for freezer cooking, cause I can cook large amounts in one go. I guess it's a blessing in I currently have spaghetti & meatballs in the pot and have to say that it cooks fast. 
That's about it for me. I hope everyone had a wonderful Sunday.


  1. Great deals. You are a master at getting the most back from your shopping.

    God bless.

  2. Your deals made me dizzy. Good job. I won an 8-quart crockpot. I cannot lift it empty, much less with food in it. There is no place to cook and use it. It is gigantic. I think it is 8 quarts.

    1. Thank you Linda. That pot is huge, so I can understand you having trouble lifting it.

  3. Great job on finding the deals. Hope you have a great week!

    1. Thank you Lori! Wishing you a wonderful week too!

  4. I chuckled at your 8-qt amazement as I was just as amazed at my tiny 2.5-qt crockpot.
    And as for starting new bw because of the scents. I do that too. I have 2 open now in my shower and I alternate between them.


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