Sunday, April 22, 2018

I'll be back later this week

I'll be back to posting later this week. I got rear ended by a furniture truck while out shopping on Friday. Not going into details, but I'm okay (just very sore) and my car sustained surprisingly light damage. This was my first accident in all my years of driving, so I was a royal mess. After DH arrived at the scene, I parked my car at the produce market and had him drive me home. After parking my car at the market, he asked if I wanted to go inside and do my shopping. I almost hit him over the head with my purse. Did it look like I was in any condition to go shopping? I couldn't even drive myself home. Silly man. He told me later that he was trying to get my mind off the accident, so I forgive him for being

I've been working on a few posts, but that will have to wait. I got hit before my second stop so I only got cheese and produce. I got the produce when we returned to collect my car on Friday night.

Will post in a few days

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