Tuesday, April 10, 2018

My small, fun shopping trip

Today I headed to Kroger to find the Popchips Nutter Puffs, because the Savingstar rebate expires tomorrow.

1 x Nutter puffs $3.00
1 x Light & fit greek yogurt $1.00
Less Nutter puffs digital q (3.00)
OOP $1.00

Received $1.00 Ibotta (75c yogurt, 25c any item) and submitted for $4 Savingstar. So a $4 MM. I'm buying yogurt for as long as the Ibotta offer is available, because it's a staple in our house.

Next, I stopped at Dollar Tree to look for a book to read. I always feel lost when I don't have anything new to read. I was happy to find this Brad Taylor book, because he comes highly recommended by my favorite author (Brad Thor).

As I was walking through the store, I saw this bread on a rack. Holy smokes Batman! This is our preferred brand of bread. I just grabbed 3 loaves, because this is the lowest price I've ever seen. I've read of others finding bread at their Dollar Tree, but have never seen it at mine (I have several DT stores in my area, but have only shopped at this location once before). At checkout I asked the cashier if they get bread every week and she said Yes!

There was also a sign at the registers stating that they limit their newspapers to 3 per customer. Happy Dance. The limit used to be one before. I guess I'll be hitting the DT for bread and newspapers every Sunday morning. I just froze 2 loaves. I do like to buy their frozen blueberries during winter. I don't buy any other frozen fruit there, because it comes from China. The blueberries are a US product.

OOP $4.24

Total cost for 6 items today = $0.24 after rewards

I also noticed Speed Stick deodorant and Wet & Wild cosmetics at this location. I need to check for coupons. I know that there are Wet & Wild qs out now.

What's your favorite Dollar Tree items?


  1. They stopped selling our Sunday newspaper at Dollar Tree because there were fights about someone getting three papers and others not getting any, people trying to get inline ahead of others and my favorite a man picking up three papers, walking to the back of the store, removing two sets of coupons and paying for one paper. All Dollar Trees in the area stopped selling them at least a month ago and the paper costs $3.00 now.

    1. Oh boy. That does not sound good. I think I'll go early morning and hope to score at least 2 papers. We don't get the RP anymore, so $2 for a paper with just SS inserts, is a bit much for me. We do sometimes get a free mailer with inserts, but it doesn't happen every week.

  2. I buy kitty litter at Dollar Tree. It works surprisingly well!

    1. That's great Lisa! I wish I knew this when we had a cat. Sadly she passed away a few years ago, at the age of 18.

  3. That is my favorite brand of bread, too, just not whole wheat. DT has no electric carts, so I rarely go there.

    1. That's too bad about the carts. We only eat wheat bread. If I eat white bread, I end up feeling sluggish afterwards. The sunflower seed one is really good. I've had it before.


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