Friday, April 13, 2018

This week's happenings

Been another crazy busy week. I spent the better part of Thursday and today running errands. We're supposed to get rain all weekend, so I figured I'd do all next week's grocery shopping today and then some freezer cooking over the weekend.

I decided to do another Ibotta run, since I needed a few items on the list like razors, artichokes, mayo, applesauce and yogurt. There was a new $3 Bonus and I needed the same amount of items to get the $2 Level 3 monthly bonus.


Case Canada Dry $5.68 (incl deposit)
2 x 2 lt Canada Dry $2.20 (incl deposit) F
1 x Smartwater sparkling $1.44 (incl deposit)
1 x Dannon Light & Fit no sugar yogurt $1.00
Less Canada Dry case mperks q (1.00)
Less Canada Dry mperks q (1.00)
OOP $8.32

Sorry, I didn't take a pic of these items


Musselman Applesauce $1.53
Light & Fit greek yogurt 0.97 MM (0.03)
Yoplait Mix Ins 1.00 MM (0.25)
b+b Ibuprofen 2.48
b+b extra strength pain reliever 2.48
Sargento cheese slices 2.68
6ct Schick razors 5.97
Heinz Mayo 3.48 F
Artichokes 2.37
Secret deodorant 4.97
Castello blue cheese crumble 2.98
Poise Liners 4.68
Less Yoplait q (0.25)
Less Schick q (4.00)
Less Poise q (3.00)
OOP $35.59

Total OOP $43.91
Received $25.75 Ibotta and $0.25 Savingstar
Should get back $1.50 bottle deposit
Total cost for everything $16.41

I just noticed that I never received credit for the Light & Fit at Walmart. I've noticed that you have to manually add it, after scanning your receipt. I need to submit a ticket, so that should bring my total to $15.66

I'm now done buying Canada Dry. I mainly bought it, because it's on sale at Meijer this week and there were mperks qs for it on both our accounts. We drink soda once a week, so this should last a long time.

I also stopped at our local grocery store, because they have Sargento cheese shreds on sale for $1.88 thru 4/23. I bought 9 bags (yes, all those clearanced cheese I bought at Meijer are used We eat lots of cheese and Sargento is our preferred brand). I will keep going back to stock up, until the sale ends.

Redeemed $25 Kohls gc this week. Redeemed $50 Macys last week.

Finally requested a Checkout51 check (thank goodness), so that should be arriving soon.

Picked up a new Clive Cussler hardcover book at Ollie's for $3.99. I've recently started reading his books and am actually enjoying it.

I'm still working on washing windows (darn weather's not cooperating) and my 30 minutes decluttering/spring cleaning tasks. Just little bits every day.

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