Thursday, December 16, 2021

Sweet Treat Recipe 2 - Cardamom bread

The sky is falling!!! That's how I'm feeling lately. I'm so darn far behind. Everyone & their mother wants a piece of me. I talked to so many people yesterday, I hardly got anything done. I'm still waiting on gcs I ordered at the beginning of the month to be delivered. I need to get those gifts out. Some need to be mailed again and I don't even know if the recipients will get it in time for Christmas. I can't even remember where I hid all DS's gifts (I have to switch it up every year, because he usually finds my hiding DS is now being home schooled again due to Covid infections in his class. Customers all want their orders in time for Christmas. My stress levels are through the roof. Is anyone else feeling this stressed this year? 

I don't even have a baking game plan yet. I only know I want to make mint chocolate dipped cookies. I don't know what else. I have a long list of treats, but need to decide which ones to bake. This is so unusual for me, because I'm a planner and like having all my ducks in a row. This is my main reason for getting holiday stuff done early, so I don't have to worry about it during the busiest (work) time of the year. 

Today's recipe is Hawaii Planner's cardamom bread

I'm not sure if this is the same thing as Stollen, which I am somewhat familiar with. I've posted both links, so you can have the list of fruit that goes in the bread. 

Thank you HP. I'm excited to try this recipe. I might make it for New Year's Eve.

Happy baking everyone!


  1. I use Cardamon all the time but it is a Swedish thing.

    1. I also use cardamon (I call it the same as you with a N not M), because I do lots of Indian & middle eastern cooking.

  2. My ducks were in a row, but they scattered the closer to Christmas it got. I may have to start gifts even earlier next year.

    God bless.

    1. I'm blaming it on the pandemic Jackie. We've had so much extra added to our plates (homeschooling, shortages etc), that most of us are behind. I'm just ready to get back to normal. Hope you get all your gifts done in time.I'm still waiting on some gcs to be delivered. I hope it hasn't gone missing in the mail.


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