Thursday, January 19, 2023

Back in the saddle

Hi everyone

Thank you for all the messages & prayers. It is much appreciated. Boy, did Covid kick my butt this time. This was my 3rd covid rodeo and every single time was a rough ride. I think I got the after holiday school flu germs too, cause DS kept coming home with a runny nose and I usually get sick whenever he gets a runny nose. I am just so thankful that's all he gets. 

Kay, I hope that your DH is doing much better. I'm still praying for him. 

Jackie, I'm happy to hear that you & Harvey have both recovered. 

Sluggy mentioned DS helping out. DS is autistic (this isn't why I don't talk about him. There is a very good reason why I'm protecting his privacy online) and needs assistance and/or supervision with some things. He does have chores, but it's easier for me to do all the cooking/baking when I'm sick, because I just want to get things done and get some rest when I feel rough.

I'm feeling much better this week. I do still take the occasional nap when I'm worn out, but it's becoming fewer & fewer. Thank goodness.

Boy, did I suffer from shopping withdrawal symptoms. I missed out on all the after Christmas sales. I'm glad we went to Hobby Lobby the week after Christmas. I found some really nice Christmas items (tree topper, placemats, napkin rings, table runner and even a gift) at 75% off. I was planning and going to a different location the week after for 90% off, but then I got sick :( I should've bought myself a stocking at the first store, because they had tons. I couldn't decide what I wanted though. Lesson learned. Grab a good deal while you can. 

So, on Tuesday I hit 6 stores. I had to make up for lost I only went shopping once this month and the grocery budget was looking good, so I decided to just stock up on some things. Why wait on the prices to increase again. I haven't been to Walmart in about a month and got serious sticker shock - again!! When will this end?

Produce market - $46.33

I was surprised to see a packed parking lot. This was Tuesday, after lunch, so it should've been empty. I kept seeing people leave with boxes of strawberries. As I got to the entrance, I saw that they had strawberry boxes (8 x 1 lb packs per box) for $2. I didn't need a 2nd invitation. 

Then at checkout, I received a Senior Discount. Oh the horror!!!! Most people tell me that I look far younger than my age. Some actually believe that I'm still in my 30s and the cashier gives this 40 something years young a senior discount. Oh boy, he ruined my I can't complain about my $4.95 savings though. In his defense though, I was wearing a mask and glasses. I now also know why the store was so packed on a Tuesday. 

Walmart - $90.89

I stocked up on canned goods and other items, cause at Christmas I discovered that I only had one can of green beans for the casserole. I normally use 2, but we just settled for a smaller green bean casserole. We don't eat much canned green beans, that's why I don't keep much. $28 of the grocery total was for bacon and puff pastry. I considered making puff pastry once, but when I saw how much work it entails, I realised that paying $6.24 for it is cheap. 

Target - $17.33

I was running low on Tide and decided to do the Target GC deal. It's the only time I stock up on Tide at Target. Paid with a discounted gc (Christmas deal) and earned another $10 gc. I wonder why I can't use Circle earnings without the app at checkout. I have over $30 in Circle rewards. Oh well, I can always use it on another deal. 

Aldi $9.13

Bread, pie crust and grapes. I only cherry pick at Aldi. I'm probably in the minority, but I don't think their prices are much better than the grocery stores. In fact, I've seen several items were more expensive than the local grocery stores. 

Sams $133.78

I especially bought more chicken breast, hoping to score that $3 discount per package again. Sadly, there was no discount this time, but we have enough chicken to last until the end of February (maybe longer).

Wags $6.45

I'll post drugstore deals soon, because I'm not done shopping yet. If anyone needs dish soap. Palmolive is on sale this week. Price varies by location ($2.79 - $2.99)

2 x 20 oz Palmolive $5.98

Less 50c DQ (0.50)

OOP $5.48

Earn $3.00 WC . So $2.48 for 2 bottles. 

This is a Buy deal, so you can do more than 2 bottles per transaction. Just make sure you're purchasing in quantities of 2.

So $303.91 spent in one day. I sure know how to make up with The good news is that I'm practically done with shopping for the month (except for drugstores). We only need to replenish our salad and bananas. I already broke the budget, but I'm happy with the stockpiling. My pantry was beginning to look bare. 

I received my Kroger mailer Qs and expected another OM hot dog freebie. However, Kroger surprised me with a Q for FREE 18 ct eggs. Whoo hoo!!! Happy dance! Thank you Kroger. I was so excited, I forgot to check the rest of the This is a good freebie. I hope it continues, cause I love Kroger eggs. They are huge. 

Yesterday, I made sausage rolls and 2 lbs bacon before DS left for school. Then I washed, diced and froze the strawberries for smoothies cause it's not ripe enough to eat. I got 2 gallon bags out of it. Not too bad for $2. 

Today I'm going to divide the chicken breasts and process the peppers to freeze. 

Please bear with me as I try to catch up on everything. I'm so faaaarrrrrr behind and the holiday this week threw me off too. I'll be back with another post tomorrow.

Have a great day peeps!


  1. So happy to hear you're feeling better. The doctor didn't test the big guy so we don't know what he had but it knocked him down for a couple of weeks before Christmas. Sounds like you got some good deals and stocked up. I personally do not see the appeal of Aldi either but maybe ours isn't like others. Not sure.

    1. Thank you Lori! I hope the big guy is doing much better. To me, Aldi doesn't carry half the items I need. I prefer one stop shopping like Meijer & Walmart - everything I need under one roof. I do purchase my bread & pie crust at Aldi, because they have the lowest price.

  2. I am glad that you are feeling better. There is nothing worse than being sick when you are chief cook.

    Great deals, and really not that much spent considering that you hadn't gone shopping for a month.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you Jackie! I'm trying to stock up on whatever good deals I can find, because I can't keep up with price increases. Freezer cooking is a true blessing when I'm sick. I can't wait to get an extra freezer when I move, so I can cook more meals.


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