Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Stockpiling items of the week & Wags tripping

Hi everyone

I've decided to add some items to my stockpile every week to help combat the never ending price increases. Kroger usually have good 'Weekly deals' and mega event sales. Here's what I did this week (well, the sale ends today, so their new ad starts tomorrow). 

Mega event items (price is after discount)

6 x Kraft BBQ sauce - $1 each

6 x Red Gold Tomatoes $0.79 each

I also picked up my free 18ct eggs. Yikes!! The regular price is $5.99!!!

I also bought 2 x 8 lb bags of navel oranges at $4.88 and grapes $1/49 lb. 

I have $7.50 cash back on my account, but Kroger checkout never prompted me about whether I'd like to apply it to my order. That's never happened before.  I think I know why. My balance shows $7.05, but when I went to redeem, it said there was $7.50 (which it should be). I have to check my account again to see if there's anything available. 

When I got home, I marinaded some chicken breasts with the BBQ sauce. I baked that this morning, so I'll have chicken salad for lunch and DS can have a chicken wrap for lunch tomorrow. The rest will be frozen.

I only see milk that's on sale at Kroger next week (starting tomorrow). I still have a gallon left from the last sale, so I'll wait until Monday/Tuesday to take advantage of this deal.


5 x Blueberry pints - $1.99 each. This girl's got to have her blueberries. Some will be eaten fresh and the rest frozen for smoothies or baking. Bless the cashier's heart. I paid with a $20 bill and he gave me 2 x $5 bills as change. That went straight into my savings jar. Does anyone get excited about little things like this?...lol

Then it was off to Wags. Oh joy...lol

Trans 1

2 x Colgate t/p $7.98

4 x Downy softener 9.00

2 x Garnier mousse 8.00

1 x Bic razor 4.99

1 x Revlon mascara 11.99

Less Garnier DQ (3.00)

Less Bic DQ (3.00)

Less Colgate DQs (4.00)

Less RRs (9.00)

Less Free GCs (20.00)

Tax 2.52

OOP $5.48

Earned $26 ($9 WYS $40, $6 WYS $25, $4 Garnier, $4 Colgate, $3 Revlon) + $4 Ibotta ($3 Revlon, $1 Bic). Total earned $30

Trans 2

2 x Colgate t/p $7.98

4 x Tide Simply 9.00

2 x Garnier hairspray 8.00

1 x Bic razor 6.79

1 x Revlon lipstick 10.49

Less Garnier DQ (3.00)

Less Bic DQ (3.00)

Less Colgate DQs (4.00)

Less RRs (9.00)

Less Free GCs (20.00)

Tax 2.54

OOP $5.80

Earned $27 ($9 WYS $40, $7 WYS $25, $4 Garnier, $4 Colgate, $3 Revlon) + $3 Ibotta (Revlon), $1 Bic). Total earned $30

I really wanted more Tide, but this store only had 4 bottles. In fact, some shelves were very bare. The Colgate shelf was near empty too. So weird, because Wags always has good inventory. 

The deals aren't as good this week, but I wanted to take advantage of those high value boosters. I've used so many of my gcs for it, that I'm down to one :( So I'll just have to roll my points & RRs for future purchases. It's no biggie, because I have increased my rewards again. 

I never knew that other Garnier items were included in the sale. I always just assumed that it was for shampoo & conditioner. I never even looked at the other items before...lol. Silly girl. I had the shampoo in my cart when I noticed that the hairspray had sale tags too. Now I'll just stock up on styling products for us, because we sure don't need any more shampoo/conditioner.

Total items purchased : 20

Total OOP : $11.28 (approx $0.56 per item. price includes tax)

Retail value : $125.70

Total Qs used : $20.00

Total rewards used : $18.00

Total rewards earned : $60.00

Total Gcs used : $40.00

To recap. Here's what's good at Wags this week (even if you don't have rewards to roll).

Colgate - Free after DQs and rewards

Garnier - $1 each after DQs and rewards

Tide/Bounce/Downy - 4/$9. Mix & match. Must buy 4 to get sale price

I believe CVS has free Colgate after DQ this week too.

Total shopping OOP for this week - $45.06. It was a decent stockpiling trip. 

By adding a few sale items every week, we can build our stockpiles without breaking the bank. 

I haven't been to CVS yet. I'm waiting to see if they'll send me another $4 Q (on Thursday). I'll also check the Wags ad preview tomorrow. If there's nothing good, then I'll try to find more Tide so I can use some RRs that expire next week.

Happy shopping peeps! Don't be afraid to grab those good deals when they're available. We haven't seen the end of price increases yet. 


  1. You did great this week with stockpiling! Decent sale prices at Kroger and free eggs is terrific right now.

    1. Thank you Belinda! I'm very happy with my free eggs.

  2. My you did well adding to your stock pile. I am doing the same thing here trying to beat those rising prices.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you Jackie! You are wise to stock up during sales.

  3. I used to do the Walgreens & CVS deals but it got too complicated. I used to coupon and price-match also. Your grocery sales were great!

    1. Thank you Kay! Wags is really complicated. I'm slowly getting back to CVS too. They changed some of their CRT rules, but I've got the hang of it now.


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