Saturday, January 28, 2023

This & That

Here's a few things that happened at Casa Goose since Christmas

  • I stumbled upon a Hickory Farms winter clearance sale. Sale was up to 75% off. I used to buy HF clearance every February, but then their items became to expensive so I stopped shopping with them for years. 
  • I have almost forgotten how good HF is. All their products are good. I've never had the Harvest cheese before, so I'm excited to try that. I'm happy to find so much gouda, because I grew up on this stuff, due to my Dutch heritage.

The big box contained 4 sausages (2 x 7 oz and 2 x 10 oz) and 5 different cheese for $22.50. I can just add crackers, grapes & wine and I'm ready for company. Easy peasy. I grew up in wine country and know wine (there's a story behind that too. maybe I'll tell it at a later stage), but I'm not much of a wine drinker. I'm a hard liquor girl. I know how to be sophisticated, so I'll have wine with my HF. 

I bought the extra cheese set, because HF bacon cheddar is my favorite. It reminds me so much of a cream cheese spread (Melrose) we have in SA. 

I really wanted some salami, but they were sold out fast. I love salami. I'm talking about the good stuff, not the slices you get at the local grocery store. Salami was always expensive in SA, but every pay day (Salaried staff got paid monthly, so I got paid once a month) I'd buy a salami stick/log/roll for myself & my dad to enjoy. We were the only ones who loved salami.

  • DS's coat zipper pull broke on the first day of school after the break, so I went to the spare closet and pulled a new coat from the stockpile. I thought I only had one spare coat for him, but it turned out to be 2. Happy mama, cause I don't have to spend extra money on more coats. Those coats are very hard to find now. I paid $22 for them just before the pandemic started. You can't even dream of that price now. 
  • Earlier this week, I cleaned out the coat closet. I pulled everything that still had zippers and managed to put together a 'new' coat for DS. It helps that I always buy the same brand, because it was just a matter of mixing the inner coat with an outer coat of the same size.
  • The school pool has opened again, so DS needed toiletries for after swimming. Remember all that Old Spice Captain I stocked up on? I just went into my stockpile & pulled some Captain b/w, deodorant and shampoo for DS. Easy peasy. 

  • I noticed a small hole forming by the big toe of my one athletic shoes. Ugh, I'm not happy. I'm wearing my athletic shoes until they break, because I can't find this style anymore. I always keep 2 pairs out to wear. Years ago I read that you're supposed to rotate your shoes daily, so one pair gets a chance to air. So that's what I've been doing. I had to get a pair from my stockpile, so I'm down to only 2 extra pairs :(
  • I finally found of favorite brand coat/jacket in my size at TJM. It was $50 each (a steal), so I bought 2. I never ever buy white coats (fashion faux pas), but just didn't care this time. It's all that's available, so one white coat it is. These are both being saved for when I need a new jacket.
  • I found a hooded wool coat for DS after Christmas. I had a $10 reward to use. I wasn't looking for a coat, but they didn't have the b/w I wanted to buy. So I checked the coats and found a hooded one (it's what I've always wanted for him, because I love my hooded wool coat) at 90% off. Original price was $450. I didn't know that brand, but once I researched it, I saw that it's a rather pricey brand. I got that coat for $44.99 and used my $10 reward on it. Then I received another $10 reward that's good for a year, so I don't have to worry about spending it yet. I considered selling the other wool coat I bought last year, but decided against it (more on that in that clothing post I need to write) I won't find wool coats at this price again and he now has it in both black & navy blue.

  • I also bought him a Brooks Brothers corduroy shirt at the same store for $22.49. Look at the retail price on this shirt. Who pays $148 for a shirt? Not me! That's another 85% savings.
  • When I had the vehicles transferred to my name, the DMV asked if I wanted to keep the same plates. I only replaced one of 2 plates, since the old plate was peeling. Savings in my pocket. 
  • Vehicle registration is now valid for 2 years in MI, so that's what I did when it was time to renew. 
That's all I can remember for now. 

Have a wonderful weekend peeps. Stay healthy, safe & warm


  1. I love HF, but up here you can hardly find it any longer. You really did very well pulling items from your stash.

    God bless.

    1. Me too Jackie! It's the same way here. HF used to have stalls in the mall and their gift sets were readily available at Sams many years ago. Now retailers only get limited sets during the holidays. Everything else has to be ordered from the HF website.

  2. What a steal on the wool coat for your son. Looking forward to your clothing post. Those always inspire me.
    Have a great weekend.

    1. Thank you Theresa! I'll try to get that post written soonest.

  3. I did the HF clearance about 10 years back. You have a great weekend too!

    1. I think that's how long ago I shopped their clearance too Sluggy. I've signed up for their emails, so I'll know when the next sale is. I could kick myself for not ordering more.

  4. We had a HIckory Farm store in Florida but not here. I forgot how much I used to hit their after Christmas clearance sales. We do have a lot of people that sell local cheeses and meats, so I at least have that now. Have a great Sunday!!

    1. I think HF pulled their products, mall stores many years ago. We always gifted HF sets over the holidays and I always shopped their after Xmas sales. It's so yummy. That's great that you still have a local supply.

  5. We've been stocking up on clothing since the pandemic also. Dh has socks and uw that he just opened. (3 years later) We always watch for work jeans for him. I rotate through shoes, tees and jeans as well. Since we live in a rural area, that is our daily "uniform." I did buy a new black sweatshirt for work at Kohl's for $15.00 off. I have one but it's a polyester and does not breathe well. The new one will replace it.
    Thanks for sharing all your steals and deals. :)

  6. Don't you just love 'shopping' from your stockpile Kay? That's great that your DH had everything available. Jeans & sweatshirt is my uniform too. I hope you enjoy your new sweatshirt.


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