Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Shopping week of 2/4

I finally made it to the stores yesterday, after having bronchitis for a week. Man, I hate getting sick. This is the 2nd time I got sick this year. I'm trying my best to get all kinds of Vitamin C into my body, to avoid getting sick again.

Sorry, I didn't take any pics cause I was too worn out after my shopping trip. I'm not 100% recovered yet.

CVS didn't send me any $ off coupon for this week and the deals aren't good enough for me to do a big shopping trip. I did have $3 EB expiring this week, so I used it to buy a bottle of Tide.

Tide = $5.44
Less L2C q (2.00)
Less EB (3.00)
Total OOP after tax came to $0.64, that I paid with a gc. I still have $0.60 left on that gc and also redeemed for another $25 gc through Swagbucks. I'm loving not having to pay at drugstores.

Rite Aid.

Oh boy, my scenario was totally messed up. I wanted to get 4 x 6pk Kleenex and the filler items, but my store only had 2 packs. So here's what I got

2 x 6pk Kleenex (BOGOF)  $12.99
2 x Viva p/t (BOGOF) $12.99
2 x Nivea lip balm $4.00
1 x Carmex cold sore treatment $9.99
1 x Arm & Hammer detergent $1.99
Less $3 Carmex q (3.00)
Less A&H q (1.00)
Less $5 CAT (5.00)
Less $31 Bonus Cash (31.00)
Subtotal $1.96
Tax $2.52
Total cost : $4.48 Paid with a gc

Earned $15 BC (for spending $40) and $3 Ibotta (Carmex)

Now I should have earned another $5 CAT for the Kleenex/Viva deal, but nothing printed. I didn't know if this deal was dead or if it was because I paid with a Kleenex CAT. I wasn't going to give the cashier a hard time about it, because I wasn't sure about the CAT details.

Next stop was Meijer and I see they have a Kleenex CAT deal running through 2/10, so I'm guessing it's because I paid with a Kleenex CAT. If the CAT says Store coupon, you won't earn a reward if you use it on the same deal. Ugh, I hated having to spend so muchBC, but we now have a nice amount of paper products.

I might do this deal at Meijer later this week, because there are Ibotta rebate items (Cottonelle) that's included in the Meijer sale.

Another goal for this year, is to lower our grocery bill to $100 per week. I have to mention that we eat lots of fresh produce and also organic chicken, so it costs more. January was an epic fail. As a seasoned couponer, I'm not concerned about that. I know that there's always loads of deals during January. Things will eventually even out, as the year progresses. One week, I might spend far less than $100 and other weeks, I'll go way over. The goal is to average $100 per week, so year end should give the correct numbers. I did manage to spend $100.70 at Meijer this week. I wasn't planning on doing much shopping, but they had a 10/$10 get 11th item free sale, that I never pass up. I like to stockpile non perishables then. Here's what I got

2 x Band Aid (was b1g30% off, which saved us 60c on the 2nd box)
2 x Dove deodorant (B1g50% off. I used a different deodorant recently, because I was out of Dove and ended up with a rash. I have sensitive skin. I wanted to get this at Target, but Meijer's price was 50c less per item)
Gallon Milk
5 x Bertolli Pasta Sauce (Ibotta rebate and I'm out of Alfredo sauce)
2 x Salad mix bags
2 x Tortillas
Pie Crust (last night's dinner)
Bread (yikes, $4.29 for bread. I usually buy bread at Sams, because I pay $5.29 total for 2 loaves. We only eat good wheat bread and I wasn't in the mood to make a special trip to Sams)
Bag oranges
Red onions
Sweet onions
2lbs grapes
2 x Blueberries
12 Single Serve Trop50 OJ
3 x 1lb Baby carrotts
6 x Knorr rice mix
3 x Refried beans
13 x Old Orchard Juice
6 x Chobani yogurt
1 x Sargento cheese
Total cost after qs and discounts $107.20
Got back $5.50 Ibotta (Bertolli, blueberries) and $1 Savingstar (Refried beans)
So cost to me after rewards = $100.70

We don't usually buy Knorr rice, but in my quest to cut out Friday night carry out (that cost us almost $20 per week), I've decided to make my own burritos and freeze for Friday's and whenever we don't feel like cooking. I use my fajita recipe for the chicken and will add black beans, salsa, cheese, Birdseye protein southwest corn. You can't find a burrito this good at any fast food place. My body's also sick of eating junk food, so I'm making my own.


  1. If you still have your Rite-Aid receipt from when the Kimberley/Clark Catalina didn't print, contact the Catalina corporation.
    The paper products Cat was suppose to run from 1/1/18-2/17/18. There were many people reporting last week on the message boards that their Catalinas weren't printing so you need to get in touch with them to get it straightened out but you'll need to either email them a copy of your receive or call them with the info on your receipt.

  2. And usually the Catalina deals roll so using one shouldn't keep another from printing.

    1. Thanks so much Sluggy. I do save my receipts. I figured the deal was still good, when I saw that it still works at Meijer (grocery store)

      When you get a CAT at Meijer that says 'Store receipt', you can't roll it into the same deal and receive another CAT. This is why I thought that was probably the problem.

    2. Good to know about Meijer if I ever live near one. lolz


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