Friday, February 23, 2018

Meijer Cottonelle update & CVS shopping

It's been a crazy busy work week. I've written several posts in my head, but never got the time to just sit down and write them. 

First, the update on the Meijer cottonelle deal. Boy was it a fun shopping week! I haven't been to Meijer this much in just one week, in years. The deal started off with me needing $12.xx (can't remember, cause the amount changes as soon as your Mperks reward clears) from the previous week's shopping trip. 

Here's what I did 

Trans 1

4 x 6ct Cottonelle tp (BOGOF) $9.98
2 x Cottonelle wipes $4.98
Less 2 tp qs (2.00)
Less 2 wipes qs (2.00)
OOP $10.96
Earned $5 MPerks + $1 Ibotta (50c tp, 50c wipes)

Trans 2 (went shopping on Wednesday, cause Ibotta offers reset after 2 days)

2 x 6ct Cottonelle BOGOF $4.99
1 x Cottonelle wipes $2.59
2 x Kleenex soothing $2.00
Less t/p q (0.50)
Less wipes q (0.50)
Less kleenex q (0.50)
Less Mperks (7.00)
OOP $1.08 

Earned $1.50 Ibotta rewards and another $5 Mperks. Needed another $7.70 for next reward

Trans 3

4 x Cottonelle t/p (BOGOF) $9.98
Less Mperks (5.00)
OOP $4.98

Earned another $5 Mperks and $0.50 Ibotta.

So for a total of $9.52 (after all rewards), I scored 10 packs TP (60 rolls), 3 wipes and 2 Kleenex. 

The sale ends tomorrow and I'm sorely tempted to buy another 2 t/p, pay $0 after MP and earn another $5. Oy vey. Now I could have been smart and done this deal on both our accounts (one Mperks acct per cellphone number allowed), but DH would've had a fit if I brought any more tp 

I'm really mad at Meijer for not restocking the Fiber one. I checked every time I was at the store, but no luck.

I also purchased a pack of Poise Liners $4.99, used $3 q (SS 1/28, exp tomorrow).Paid $1.99 and earned $3 Ibotta. So a $1 MM.

I also grabbed the last 2 bags of clearanced Kraft cheese (1.59) and when I scanned the bags, it rang up at 79c!! Happy dance. I checked the shelves again today, but the clearance cheese are all gone. It's prolly a good thing, cause I'm running out of freezer space.

My CVS trip was the complete opposite of Meijer. The sale wasn't that good this week and because we don't get Redplum inserts, I can't utilise all the deals.

I received a $3 PF CRT and $3 Beauty reward from scanner

2 x Softsoap $4.00
2 x Colgate $10.58
1 x Gain detergent $4.94
1 x Tide pods $4.94
2 x Rimmel cosmetics $9.38
1 x Phys Formula $10.99
Less 10/40 (10.00)
Less Colgate q (0.50) I had 2 qs, but I don't know what the cashier did, so my total was way higher. She voided some stuff and rescanned my rewards and when I got to my car, I saw only one q deducted. grrr
Less Gain L2C (2.00)
Less Tide L2C (2.00)
Less PF CRT (3.00)
Less EBs (21.75)
OOP (incl tax) $7.07. Paid with a GC
Earned $19 EBs ($2 Softsoap, $7 PF, $5 Colgate, $5 Rimmel)

I'm not happy with the high OOP, but this was the best scenario I could come up with. My store didn't have the Garnier face masks I wanted and I totally forgot about the Covergirl deal (I have a $3/2 q). Darn

I never buy any kind of Detergent Pods. To me it's just another way for manufacturer's to get us to spend more. Since I don't use recommended dosages, the liquid detergent lasts a long time. With the Pods, I only get X amount of loads, before I have to restock. Unfortunately, the L2C q was for Pods, so I was forced to buy that. The Gain q was for any Gain detergent, so I went with the liquid of course :)

Now you might wonder why I didn't go back for the 50c q. The thing is, I am self employed. I try to work, clean house, cook and run errands, during my day. So any time spent waiting in line again for 50c is not worth is to me. That time can be applied otherwise. I always figure how much I make working versus the amount I have to claim at CS. When I think about how much I can work/earn for the amount of time I spend waiting in line, the work always wins. It's just not worth it to me to waste time on small amounts. Had that been a $4 or more q, I would definitely have gone back.

Silly CVS didn't send me an email q this week. I'm a little bummed, but next week's ad isn't all that great anyway. So I might just skip the drugstores next week. I need to check RA to see if there's anything good in the ad.

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