Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Hand Soap Experiment

Those who followed my old blog, know that I love to dilute most liquids to make it last longer. With the exception of shampoo/conditioner, all items are filled with water (50/50). I'm not trying to be cheap, because I get most items for free or near free. I just don't believe in using the Recommended Dosage. This is just a manufacturers' way to get us to spend more money on their items.

For years, I've used the small Softsoap hand soap bottles. I'd stock up on those babies, because there were always coupons available, which made them super cheap. The last time I bought some, I scored 24 bottles for free during a Meijer sale. The only thing I disliked about the soap, is that it's so thick. Not only did I hate the feel of it when I washed my hands, but the soap scum would build up fast and slow the water flow through the pipes.

Last year I decided to experiment with a foaming soap dispenser. I've played around with it before, but didn't really pay much attention to it. I purchased the large Softsoap refill bottle at Target ($3.99) and a Dial foaming soap bottle that can be used to refill, once it was empty. I used about a teaspoon (sometimes less) of Softsoap and filled the rest of the bottle with water, whenever it was empty. We still got a nice foam and the lovely scent of the soap. Our hands are clean and the refill bottle has lasted us 13 months already. As you can see, I started using this bottle in Jan 2017. There's still enough soap left to last another week or two.

Total cost for a year's worth of hand soap. Approximately $7 ($4 refill, $2.xx dispenser). I still have 2 refill bottles in my stockpile, so we're all set for the next 2 years.

Tip : if you like taking baths, dilute your body wash with water. I've found that the soap foams much better, when diluted with water. No need to spend extra money buying foam bath.

I also only use liquid soap (not diluted) in my dishwasher (I've experimented with this before). I only fill 1/3rd of the cup with Cascade liquid. My last bottle, lasted 7 months and I run the dishwasher daily. So my dishwasher soap costs about $5 per year (but I have enough bottles in my stockpile to last us at least 8-10 years).

So save yourself some cash and dilute whatever products you can. The small hand soap bottle sizes have shrunk, but the price keeps increasing.


  1. I noticed awhile back when those foam soap dispensers became popular that the product inside was mostly water. Just another way for corporations to get more $$ from ya! ;-)

    I've also been watering down soap/body wash products for years with no adverse effects....they do still suds up just fine. I've also been known to take bar soap slivers and make soap "liquid". ;-)

    1. Please do share your soap sliver liquid recipe. I've tried some soap slivers in the foaming soap bottle before, but that didn't work well :( I've just been adding the soap slivers to a new bar, so it doesn't get wasted


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