Wednesday, February 28, 2018

A very spendy month

As mentioned before, this has been a very spendy month. I don't normally shop like this, but I view my clothes shopping the same as grocery shopping. When there's a good sale on something we need, I stockpile. Yep, I stockpile all our clothes and shoes.

Two weeks ago, I saw the Frye boots I wanted on clearance for $127.36 (down from $398). I bought one pair for myself and the other is my Christmas gift from DH. That will be saved for the holidays, so he can wrap it and pay for it. I bought 2 pairs, because we had a leak from the upstairs bathroom, into the basement and it was directly above where my pair of riding boots were stored. The boots were ruined in the process. Thankfully, it wasn't a pair of Frye boots.

I also bought DS a pair of Fryes for $99 (down from $228). My guys don't care for dress shoes and we have a wedding to attend in the next 2 months. So I figured if I bought DS dress shoes, it will just sit in the closet until another occasion comes around. The boots however, can be worn with dress pants and will double as 'dress shoes'. Boots can also be worn in winter, so it will do double duty.

Then I found some clearance dress pants at Gap online for DS for the wedding. He has shirts to go with it, so that's done. I didn't buy myself anything for the wedding, because I have a brand new outfit that I bought last year. I'll wear that and I have several pairs of shoes and a purse to match. I did some splurging at Gap for myself, since they offered double discounts and free shipping.

This dress was in my cart for about a month, prior to my purchasing it. I bought the same style dress in green, at Old Navy last year and loved it so much that I was happy to see this style back in their stores/online. I like the fact that you can dress this item up or down with different shoes and/or denim jacket, vest or sweater.  The only downside to this dress is that (unlike the ON one) the bottom half is not lined :(

This pants was just too cute too pass up. I'm happy that it's more of a wine colored red, because I'm not crazy about bright red. I have several different tops/blouses and heels to wear with it. This is right up my alley, because I'm more of a classy than casual dresser.

I absolutely love this top! It's a crinkle fabric and can also be dressed up or down. My preference would be white or blue jeans and some sandals or flats. Any other color pants will work with it too. The top was only $6.50 after discount.

Last Friday I went to Sams for grocery shopping and noticed that the Under Armour sweats were on sale for $29.99. I saw it the week before and thought the price was way better than Kohls sale prices. You cannot use coupons on this brand (at any store), but it's the best sweats - especially if you're an active person. So I grabbed 2 hoodies and one pants for DS. The only ones I could find in his size.

The next day I found UA on sale at Kohls for the same price and some pants for $26.99, so I stocked up the rest of his winter closet (next winter) and also a pants and hoodie for myself. Kohls was offering triple points, 6% Ebates and Kohls cash. Score. I paid for most of the order with gcs, but stores limit the amount of gcs you can use (I really don't know why, because gcs are as good as cash, right?).

So here's what I spent in total for the month:

Nordstrom Rack $262.88 (not including my Christmas gift, cause DH pays for it, but added some clearance to sell and recoup some cash)
Sams Club $95.37
Kohls $35.73
Gap - everything was paid with gcs.
Total $393.98

Our total sales earnings for this month, is $344.91
Plus last month's balance $256.44
Total $601.35
Less expenses (393.98)
Total cash left : $207.37

I earned cash back from Nordstrom too (I'm not adding that until I get another Ebates check) and $30 Kohls cash. I should also receive another $15 Yes2You, since it was triple points day.

My little secret. If I need to reach a certain amount for free shipping or Kohls cash, I add some inexpensive clearance item(s) to resell. That helps recoup part of our expenses (even if I pay with gift cards)

I don't own any store cards (and never will). I choose to shop with gcs and some cash only.

Does anyone else stockpile clothes (especially those of  you with growing kids)?

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