Monday, February 12, 2018

My weekend Aha moment

For months I've been struggling to keep up with our ironing. I wash, fold and pack away laundry daily, so that I don't end up having to do laundry all day long if I do it once or twice a week. The downside, I hate ironing. So I iron whenever we need something or when the mood hits me (which is about once a week or every other week). This has resulted in the ironing piling up in the spare room. I'm talking about 4-5 baskets full or ironing. Now I've had a little problem with shopping ever since I lost my dad almost 6 years ago. I was a daddy's girl and his sudden death was the worst thing I've ever experienced in my life. So I shopped, to try and fill the void I told DH several times last year that I just keep buying stuff, but it's not making me happy, nor is it filling the void. It doesn't help that I usually shop with gift cards either, cause I can do mindless spending, without breaking the bank.

So on Friday afternoon, I decided to tackle this ironing that continually stresses me out, cause it's not done. That's when it hit me, why not get rid of half the stuff? It's not like everything is needed, because our closets are still full of clothes. And if it was a need, it wouldn't be sitting in a pile for months.  I decided to go through the piles and pull all items that I no longer wear or that I haven't used in months, to sell. Why not make money and reduce my stress levels at the same time.

I'm embarrassed to say that I pulled 29 of my own items!! And it didn't even make a dent in the ironing. I still have a huge load left. So I've decided to try and get rid of an additional 20-30 items this week. Then I will go through DS's clothes and pull whatever he no longer uses or needs. I've ironed and photographed half of the 29 items and have started listing a few. The good news, I've already sold one item. Ka ching!!

I'm hoping to get all my clothes listed by the end of this week. That should clear up some space, put extra money in my pocket and I don't have to buy more hangers (because we keep running out of hangers, due to having too much stuff).

I'm also gonna rein in my shopping. Thanks to my stockpiling habit, DS already has a full new summer wardrobe. Other than some tank tops, I don't really need anything either. So my focus is gonna be on winter clearance. At the top of my list is sweatpants and jacket.  DS also needs new winter pjs, so I'll keep an eye out for those at Kohls. I'll continue to write about my shopping and progress, I'm just gonna try to shop a little less so that we don't end up with too much clothes again.

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