Monday, February 19, 2018

This week's stockpiling items 2/18

I had a great Meijer trip yesterday. Came in at just under my $100 weekly budget.

Spent $95.44 and earned $26.05 in rewards ($18.05 Ibotta. $5 was Presidents day bonus, $1 monthly bonus. Also $1 Savingstar and $7 Mperks).

$2 was for total spent (this tracks on your account) and $5 was for the Cottonelle deal (spend $20 get $5 Mperks). When I logged into my account today, I noticed that I only needed another $7.70 towards another $5 cottonelle MP. Huh, I needed $12 to earn rewards yesterday and spent $15.xx. It looks like the BOGOF Cottonelle free packs ($4.99) counts towards this deal. Happy dance! I wasn't planning on getting more paper products (DH won't be happy), but I can score the items for near free. I'm just waiting on my Ibotta rewards to reset. So here's the plan

2 x 6ct Cottonelle BOGOF $4.99
1 x Cottonelle wipes $2.59
2 x Kleenex soothing $2.00
Less t/p q (0.50)
Less wipes q (0.50)
Less kleenex q (0.50)
Less Mperks (7.00)
OOP $1.08 get $1.50 Ibotta rewards and another $5 Mperks

I don't want to risk having the free t/p not work towards this reward, because it would mean another trip to the store if it doesn't. Besides, this deal is way too good to pass up. Worst case scenario, it tracks and I'm closer to another The deal ends this Saturday.

On to the stockpiling items. Meijer's having a great BOGOF sale this week. It's been years since they've had a really good sale. I bought 6 Fiber One cereals BOGOF (it's the only cereal I eat, but I don't like paying $4 per box) and 5 jars Bertolli pasta (on sale for $2 and there's a $1 Ibotta reward, which makes this $1 each. A good price for pasta sauce). I only use specific brands

The Pillsbury pie crust is also part of the BOGOF sale, so I will try to stock up on those (I only found 2 boxes yesterday) as I use it for meat pies. I'll be looking for all of these items on my next shopping trip.

DH still has a $4 Mperks reward on his account so that will help lower our oop for this week.

I also picked up 2 more bags of Kraft cheese yesterday. I don't know why certain cheeses are 50% off, but I'm not complaining. $1.59 is a great price, cause the lowest sale price around here, is $2. I thought it might be specific flavors that are being discontinued, but I'm not sure. Look for Sargento shredded Swiss and Kraft Smoky Bacon Cheddar (I love this stuff) on clearance. If the flavors are being discontinued, then other stores might have them on clearance too.


  1. Kraft cheese is often on sale at different store. They are not discontinuing a flavor. I try to only buy it on sale since $2.58 is the normal price for 8 ounces.

    1. Hi Practical Parsimony

      I'm jealous of your low cheese price! Our regular price is $3.13 in MI. I agree that cheese often goes on sale. My store has a 6 week sales cycle. However, these weren't part of a normal sale ($2 sale price). They were marked with clearance tags. I'm guessing that they probably didn't sell well in my area and are being sold as loss leaders, because you never see 2 cheese brands on sale at the same time. I love to stock up too, when I see a rock bottom price :)


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