Friday, March 16, 2018

A slow week

Not much has happened at Casa Goose this week. When DS was home sick for 2 days at the beginning of the week, I just knew that I was gonna get sick too. DS is much better and whaddya know, I have a cold now too. I didn't even get to the drugstores this week. Between appointments and us getting sick, I just did not have the energy to shop. I only hit Meijer for some grocery shopping yesterday and we stopped at Sams on our way home earlier this week, to pick up Ciabatta rolls and bread.  I wanted Pesto too, but couldn't find any.

I stocked up on my favorite Gevalia coffee at Meijer this week. I've never seen qs for this coffee before, but Ibotta has a rebate for 85c (at least my account does. It used to have a $1 rebate. Limit 5). Meijer had it on sale for $5.49. Buy 5, save $5 instantly. So after discounts and Ibotta, the coffee cost $3.64 per bag. Defintely better than paying $5.99 per bag.

I also did the Herbal Essence deal (my favorite and we were running low). Spend $13 or more on HE and/or Pantene, save $4 instantly. Mperks had a $6/2 Bio renew Q, so I did the deal on both accounts

2 x Bio Renew   $11.98
1 x 2in1 HE          2.67
Less discount        (4.00)
Less MP q           (6.00)
Less MP reward (4.00)
Total incl tax       $1.05   DH had a $4 reward on his account. I had a $2 reward on my account

Did the same deal on my account and paid $3.17 OOP

Well, my Friday No Carry Out plan got derailed. I took a 3 hour nap this afternoon, because I was just not feeling well. I know that I heal faster when I sleep during the day. I'm not a nap person, but my body needed the rest. So while I was sleeping, DH decided to pick up carry out. But before he got home, I was already up and fixing dinner. I made pesto chicken paninis. Had to test drive that $6 Panini press I got at Kohls BF sale :) So he got home with carry out while I was fixing dinner. DS was very happy and grabbed a panini and fries. Me, I stuck to my salad. The sandwich might not look too appetizing, but it sure tasted good.

I cooked some chicken breast in my instant pot and shredded it once done. Added pesto and diced roasted red peppers. Added some swiss cheese (remember all that reduced cheese I bought a few weeks ago) and red onion and onto the press. I only had to buy the ciabatta rolls and pesto. We already had everything else.

I received my Red Robin gcs from Sams yesterday. Yay for free food.

Redeemed another $25 Kohls gc through Mypoints

Earned a $5 Target gc from mycokerewards. I saw it posted on another site earlier this week. It was a special event where you had to enter one code. We don't drink much Coke anymore (I'm a Canada Dry girl), but still had a few 2lt bottles. So I entered the code from one cap and forgot about it. I was very surprised to see the $5 gc email today.

I swear I'm gonna go broke buying underwear for DS. Can someone please tell me why men's underwear is so expensive? So much for my no shopping month...grrrr. DS has only one brand and style that he prefers to wear. The very expensive Tommy Hilfiger ones that cost $42.50 for a pack of 3. No way am I paying that much, so whenever I find it for $20 or less, I stock up. When I was at Marshalls last Friday, I found the undies clearanced to $17.99 per pack and grabbed 3 (one pack was $14). Thankfully, they were all in his size. I also bought him some summer sleep shorts and spent $79.48!! Crazy. What's even crazier is that I have a $25 TJM gc at home. I knew that I was gonna stop at Marshalls, cause it's right by Walmart, but for some reason my brain didn't connect the dots. I found some inexpensive Hanes undies for him at Ollies last year. The downside is that the size ran small and he didn't care for it after wearing it a few times.

Also purchased some veggie seeds that I'd like to plant this weekend.

That's my week. I'm so far behind with everything else.


  1. That was a great savings on the underwear! I recover more quickly when I take a nap, too. Sometimes, a 14 hour night gets me back to health after a 4-hour nap the day before.

  2. You got some really good deals. I have been ill and not done much that I planned the last half of the week. I thought I commented on this post once.

  3. Thank you Practical Parsimony. I healed real fast after that nap the other day.

    Sorry, I'm playing catch up this week and only just checked the comments. I hope you are feeling better.


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