Friday, March 2, 2018

February numbers

Surprisingly February's earnings was not much different from January. I didn't expect that, since it was a shorter month. Our personal sales were also slow for the first half of the month, then things started selling like crazy, so we ended up making a decent amount again.

Gift cards earned

Mypoints $50 
Swagbucks : $60 
IGC : $45 ($25 mine, $20 DH account)
Ibotta : $25 (Amazon)
Savingstar : $0 (I only add this once I redeem for a gc)
Total gcs earned in January : $180

So yeah, I earned the exact same gift card amount as I did last month. I usually cash out $25 gcs on Swagbucks. However, I had a 50sb Swagup reward (you receive the credit when you redeem for a gc) that was expiring, so I decided to get a $10 Amazon gc. 

The amazon gcs were added to my account, to order an item that DS wants. 

Here are the balances of gcs I currently have. All numbers are after this month's earnings and expenses. Some gcs were purchased last year. Once I finished Christmas shopping last year, I started saving gcs for this holiday season. Just so you don't wonder how I get to shop and still have decent gc amounts left.

Kohls - $91.57
Target - $30
Walmart - $20 from DHs IGC account. I wanted to order something from Sams. So I asked him to redeem for a gc, since he had enough points. So we got the gc and when I checked out at Sams, the item was no longer available. Bummer. We'll just save it for next time
Gap - $54.54
TJM - $25.00
WHBM - $50.00
BBW - $15.00
Starbucks : $15 (this does not include the teacher's gifts). The $15 is for our personal use. I'm not a Starbucks fan (I'm a Dunkin Donuts girl), but I received this credit when I ordered something online. We'll just save it for when we're in the mood for a frappucino.

That's a total of $301.11 in gcs.

I know that I have much more than $30 in Target gcs. I have quite a few $5 ones, but I need to go through my emails, to check which ones still have balances available. Then there's still small $1.xx gc balances on my online account. I wish they would do what Amazon does and lump it all together. It makes keeping track of balances much easier.

I've read before that you can use a Walmart gc at Sams Club, to purchase discounted gcs in store. I might have to try this sometime, if we don't use that Walmart gc.

I'm not including my CVS gc, because I use that card almost every week. They haven't sent me a $ off coupon for the past 2 weeks, so I guess I'll be skipping shopping again next week. There's no free or MM deals, so it's not worth a trip to the store.

Total earned from online sales (after fees) : $344.91
Plus January balance $256.44
Less expenses (393.98)
New Balance : $207.37

That's it for the month of February. Not the best numbers, because I shopped too much. I'm gonna try to keep OOP expenses low (less than $100) for March. Would be nice if we didn't spend any money this month, but I know that whenever I plan for that, a great deal comes along.

I did shop at Kohls today, to redeem Kohls cash I earned last week. I didn't spend a single penny in cash though, but scored a very nice item for free. More on that later.

Does anyone else try to keep expenses low, by using earned gift cards?


  1. It fascinates me that you can accumulate so may gift cards! Great job!

    1. Thank you Lisa. I run my apps all day long (we use solar energy), but I haven't always earned this much. I only really started earning large amounts when my couponing friends and I decided to do this all day long, early last year.

    2. When you say run your apps,what does that mean? You watch videos on Swagbucks?

    3. For Swagbucks & Mypoints, I run encraves. However, Swagbucks also has mobile video apps (SBTV, Lifestylz etc) that you can run at the same time as encraves. You can run one desktop/laptop and one mobile device simultaneously. For Instagc, I run videos and engage at the same time.

      If you'd like a referral link, please send me your email in a comment (won't be published) and I'll send you the links. Instagc is my favorite site. I just run everything while I cook, clean and do whatever else at home. Earning gcs has become a part of my daily routine.


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