Friday, March 30, 2018

Ibotta bonus stack CVS shopping & my shoe addiction

This week Ibotta offered a bonus stack deal. The deal is in 3 parts, but all items purchased count towards the bonus Eg. My first bonus was $2 for purchasing 12 items, 2nd bonus $5 for 15 items. The 12 items from the first bonus counts towards the 2nd bonus. So once I reached the first bonus, I only needed to purchase 3 more items to get my total items to 15 and qualify for the 2nd bonus. Since the 2 overlapped, I tried purchasing it all in one trip, but alas, I miscalculated. My Walmart was out of a few items on my list and I didn't have my Ipad with me (I have a crappy old phone that struggles to download apps. The phone still works, so I continue to use it instead of buying a new one) to check what else I could purchase to complete the deal. So here's what I got (sorry I took a pic of my haul, but the ipad now says it can't download pic)


8ct Dannon yogurt $3.98
1 Artichokes 2.37
1 Splenda naturals 3.48
1 Country Crock butter sticks 2.48
1 McCormick Grillmates 2.32
1 Musselman applesauce 1.53
2 Covergirl lipsticks 9.16
1 Kotex pads 2.63
1 Yoplait mixins 1.00
1 Windex 2.98
2 Hefty slider bags 3.96
Less Dannon q (1.00)
Less Splenda q (2.00)
Less Kotex q (1.00)
OOP $31.89

Earned $17.75 Ibotta ($2 March stack, $1.50 March monthly bonus, 25c any) + $0.75  Savingstar Splenda
The Musselman tracks on Savingstar

I didn't use the $6/2 Covergirl q, because I read that none of the Walmarts were accepting the q and I wasn't in the mood to fight them about this


12 pk Canada dry lemon 4.48+1.20 deposit
2 lt Canada dry 1.50 + 10c deposit
1 Pace Salsa 1.89
1 Pace Salsa verde 1.89
Less $3 mperks (3.00)
OOP $8.06

Earned $4.50 Ibotta ($1.50 was bonuses)

3rd bonus (which started yesterday) $3 for 3 items, which I picked up at Meijer

2 lt Canada Dry $1.50 + 10c deposit
1 Pace Salsa 1.89
1 Pace Salsa Verde 1.89
OOP $5.38

Earned $10 Ibotta ($8 for the March stack bonuses)

Total spent $45.33
Amount earned (33.00)
Total cost for 20 items = $12.33 or 62c each

Not my best shopping trip, but it's all items we can use. The 12pk soda alone would've cost me $5.68

Now CVS was a different story. I totally messed up, because I miscalculated my cost. When I wrote my shopping list, I wrote the price of the Softsoap AFTER EBs, instead of the before price (silly me). And I wondered why my oop was so Thank goodness I had a gc to cover the cost.

3 x Dentyne Ice $3.00
3 x Softsoap bw 10.47
1 x Colgate t/p 3.50
2 Sally Hansen Hard as nails 7.98
2 x Rimmel Brow 9.38
2 x Covergirl pencil 9.38
Less 3 Softsoap qs (2.25)
Less SH qs (2.00)
Less Rimmel qs (6.00)
Less Covergirl L2C (6.00)
Less Colgate q (1.00)
Less Colgate CRT (2.22) Should've deducted $2.50. I dont know why CVS math is so weird
Less EBs (15.99)
Sales tax 2.44
OOP $10.69 Paid with gc

Ugh, I now only have 97c left on that card. I need to redeem for another one

Earned $21.25 EBs (5.25 Softsoap, $1 Dentyne, $5 Rimmel, $5 SH, $5 Covergirl). This trip should have enough points for $6 Beauty rewards.

Earned $2.25 Dentyne Checkout51. I need less than $1 to redeem my CK51 reward. Their site has been a real pita, since they've combined deals with Savingstar. I can't wait to cash out and just be done with them. I've had that $17 in the account for months now.

Then, I fell off the wagon

Every April, I shop the Macy's shoe sale for heels/sandals. I normally buy 3-4 pairs, because you get up to an extra 40% off shoes (incl clearance). I have a system. April - heels/sandals, BF 2 pairs athletic shoes, Christmas 1-2 pairs boots. Can you tell I'm a shoe addict? I'm not gonna tell about how much shoes I have (even though I sold a large number of it last year). Every time DH gives me cash or a gc for an occasion, he writes that I shouldn't spend it on more

So last week I added some shoes to my cart, so that when the sale starts, I can just check out. I was planning on paying for my items with earned gcs. Well a few days ago, I checked the prices (because the prices keep changing on their site due to various sales) and saw that the pair that I absolutely wanted was almost OOS (out of stock). I googled the brand and style, to compare prices at various stores and saw that the Macy's price was the lowest. So I paid with my $25 gc (I redeemed for 2 this week, but only received one while the other is still being processed) and $41.90 OOP. That's still a lot for me to spend on shoes, but it's rare for me to love something at first site. When I do, I know it's a winner.

Redeemed for the following gcs this week

$25 Macys - IGC
$25 Macys - Mypoints (still pending)
$50 Walmart - Ibotta
$5 Target - Bing (Bing is slow, but for 2-3 minutes per day, I'm happy with the reward)

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend. I'll be back on Sunday night or Monday with monthly figures

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