Thursday, July 23, 2020

CVS & the Cluster called WAGS

Boy WAGS sure knows how to try my patience. I was so looking forward to the Tide deal, but after today's fiasco I might not go back to do another round.

Trans 1 (this was done on Monday at a store a little further from home)

2 x Tide $9.98
1 x Tide pods 4.99
2 x Pringles wavy 3.00
Less Tide Q (2.00)
Less Tide DQ (2.00)
Less Tide Pods DQ (2.00)
Less BR Points (10.00)
Tax 0.90
OOP $2.13

Earned $5 RR (Tide) + 30c Pringles (Ibotta)

I added the Pringles to get my total to at least $10 and I also needed it for the Ibotta bonus deal (will post that tomorrow)

Trans 2 (today - another different store. There's lots of drugstores around here)

1 x Maybelline mascara $7.79
1 x Maybelline mascara B1G2nd 50% off  3.89
1 x Bic razor 6.79
1 x Bic razor B1G2nd 50% off 3.39
2 x Chobani yogurt 2.00
Less Bic Q (3.00)
Less Maybelline DQ (10.00)
Less RR (5.00)
Less RR (4.00)
Tax 1.86
OOP $3.17

On Monday I received a $6 WYS $30 CAT after doing the Tide deal. I also have a $5 WYS $20 DQ. I know that these will sometimes double dip, so I figured I'd try it. Besides, I had a $10 Maybelline DQ that was expiring soon too. So the cashier hands me back the $6 CAT and says I didn't reach the threshold (this was after all coupons had deducted, so I couldn't see my pre-coupon total. I especially added the Chobani so I could get my total to $30. I told her that I'd just contact CS. So I moved the Tide to do a separate transaction and see the Revlon items hidden behind the Tide (that was supposed to be part of the $30 spend transaction) . Ugh, my own stupidity. So I asked her if she could void the transaction and add the Revlon. Cashier was really nice and said yes and there was a line forming behind me. I told her to ring up the other customers first.

I also asked her if the CAT machine works, because I didn't get my $5 Tide RR. She showed me that it's turned on, but nothing printed.

So she voids the transaction then rerings everything, including the Revlon. I also added a huge Kit Kat for her, because she was super nice and patient. This was MY fault after all.

1 x Maybelline mascara $7.79
1 x Maybelline mascara B1G2nd 50% off  3.89
1 x Bic razor 6.79
1 x Bic razor B1G2nd 50% off 3.39
2 x Chobani yogurt 2.00
2 x Revlon tweezers 6.98
Less Bic Q (3.00)
Less Maybelline DQ (2.00)
Tax 0.42
OOP $4.19

So she hands me back the $4 RR & I'm thinking that it's because RRs don't apply to tax & my total before tax was $3.77. Now that I'm home and have studied my receipt, I realised that when I did the return the register automatically refunded all my previous coupons and RRs (it doesn't show on the receipt. The return and new transaction was printed on one receipt, so it's hard to figure things out). So she should just have kept the RR. Also since the register refunded my $10 Maybelline DQ, it automatically applied my other $2 Maybelline DQ. The cashier also scanned my $3 BIC Q again. Are you confused yet, cause my head is spinning from WAGS math.

My $5 Revlon CAT didn't print.

Earned $11 BR Points + $6.50 Ibotta ($6 Bic, $0.50 Chobani)

I paid $7.36 OOP for this transaction and earned back $22.50 (including Revlon)

Trans 3 (today)

2 x Tide $9.98
1 x Tide Pods 4.99
Less Tide Q (2.00)
Less Tide Pods Q (2.00)
Less BR points (10.00)
Tax 0.90
OOP $1.87

Was supposed to get $5 RR, but nothing printed.

So when I got home, I contacted CS. They told me to contact Catalina about the RRs. I said No way! It's not my fault their machines don't work in half their stores. So they issued me $10 BR Points for the missing RRs. If it wasn't for CVS working well, I would've been really pissed today (excuse the bad language).

I set up a WAGS account for DH so we could get more Tide DQs, but I'm not so sure I'll go do another deal. WAGS wore me out today.


I hit CVS before WAGS, so I was on a high by the time I got to WAGS

2 x Head & Shoulder $12.00
2 x Pantene hair spray 10.00
1 x Pantene mist 5.00
2 x Tresemme 10.00
3 x Schick razors 17.97
Less Tresemme Q (4.00)
Less 2 Schick Qs (8.00)
Less Schick DQ (4.00)
Less H&S DQ (3.00)
Less Pantene DQ (5.00)
Less 4/18 Hair care (4.00)
Less 4/18 Hair care (4.00)
Less Tresemme CRT (2.00)
Less H&S App Q (1.50)
Less H&S App Q (0.50)
Less EBs (18.97)
Tax 2.16
OOP $2.16

Earned $7 EB ($5 Schick, $2 Tresemme)

I had $20 EBs, but the store was out of Tide Pods (my last item to complete the spend deal with Pantene & H&S), so the register reduced the amount because my total was $0 before tax

Trans 2 (different store)

Tide Pods 4.94
Less Pods DQ (2.00)
Tax 0.30
OOP $3.24

I still have a $4.50 EB from last week, but I didn't want to lose another $1.50 when it gets adjusted down, so I just paid cash

Earned $10 EB (Spend $30 get $10)

Should also get $3 Beauty EB

You'll notice that I post drugstore deals later in the week. That's because I print or add my digital coupons later. It's good for 7 days from the date it's printed or sent to card. They issue new DQs on Sunday, so you can double dip 2 week's worth of DQS/CRTs in one transaction (like I did with the hair care one)

DQ and CRT is the same thing. Well for the most part. If you don't send your digitals to your card, then it will print the next time you visit the coupon machine (CRT). If the machine doesn't work, then it will print on your store receipt (hence the name Cash Register Tape).

To recap CVS

OOP : $5.40
Earned : $20 EB (including beauty)

So here's my drugstore totals for the week.

Total OOP : $16.76
Total Rewards used : $43.97
Total Earned (rewards + cash back) : $52.80
Total Coupons used : $64.00
Retail value : $167.54
Number of items purchased : 26

Will submit all my receipts to PG. I have enough for another $5 gc.

For those of you who coupon, do you cringe when you see the actual retail price? I always get sticker shock, because I just can't believe how expensive things really are at the drugstores. DH is one of those people who would just go pay full price, because they want to be in & out of the store in no time. Silly man. He's learned to ask me first if we have an item, before just running out to pay those rip off drugstore prices.


  1. Those deals and flubs make my head spin. I rarely buy items from a drugstore. Often, i just wait for a coupon. At least your husband asks you first. Tommy is impressed with my deals which are not as good as yours. He even volunteers to cut out coupons.

    1. It's sometimes exhausting Linda. You're lucky that Tommy volunteers to help clip coupons. DH has no interest, but I prefer it that way. Less chance of him messing up my

      Don't worry about your deals not being as good as mine. Sales vary from state to state. Just remember that all the small savings add up to big amounts. The important thing is that you are saving.

  2. My CVS was a cluster **** too!
    I haven't even been to R-A yet this week.....

    Nice job!

    1. I saw that Sluggy! I'm sorry your CVS is so crappy. I'm surprised, because I find them so easy to use.

  3. I don't shop drugstores nor do I use any of the products you purchased. And the time it takes? Not for me.

    I'm glad it's worth your time. It looks like enough product to get through an entire year or more now :-)

    1. Elle, it takes a lot of time, but after doing this for years, it's easy for me to put together scenarios. I know that it's not for everyone.

      We don't use all the products. I donate a lot of it and sell the rest. This way we have what we need, bless others and recoup a bit of our oop costs. Everyone's happy :)


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