Saturday, July 11, 2020

Old Spice & Pantene wasted

I sure as heck don't need any more Pantene, but who can resist free Pantene when CVS keeps giving me good Pantene CRTs?

Trans 1

2 x Gillette razors $15.98
1 x Venus razors 7.99
1 x 360 Cotton swabs 3.19
Less 2 Gillette qs (10.00)
Less Venus q (3.00)
Less cotton swabs q (3.19)
Less EBs $9.97
Tax 1.38
OOP $2.38

Earned $8 EB (razors)

I handed cashier a $10 EB and there was $1 (quarterly reward) on my account that applied too. So my total should have been tax only. For some strange reason the register adjusted my $10 EB to $8.97 and had me pay $1 + tax OOP. What on earth?

CVS has had a freebie on the app every day this week. The cotton swabs was Thursday's freebie. Wednesday they had 360 Apricot scrub (freebie q is valid for 2 days only), but I couldn't find it anywhere. There will be new freebies starting tomorrow again, so be sure to check the app to add your items.

Trans 2 (went to a different store, cause mine didn't have the Pantene mists

2 x Pantene Conditioning mist $10.00
3 x Pantene oil 15.00
1 x Pantene protector spray 5.00
1 x Tide Simply 2.94
2 x Physician's formula lipstick 16.98
Less 2 Pantene qs (10.00)
Less $2 Pantene CRT (2.00)
Less $2 Pantene DQ (2.00)
Less 3/12 Hair care DQ (3.00)
Less 4/18 Hair care DQ (4.00)
Less Tide Simply q (2.00)
Less Physician's formula CRT (4.00)
Less EBs (23.92) I think I gave cashier $24 CRTs, but that's okay
Tax 1.98
OOP $1.98

Earned $20 EB ($10 Pantene, $10 PF)

Also earned a $3 Beauty EB

Submitted my receipts to PG and earned another $5 GC

If you figure in all the coupons and rewards, you'll see that my Pantene alone was a MM. I don't know what the heck I was thinking buying lipsticks, cause masks are mandatory in our state. Duh! I'm gonna have to wear some pretty lipstick in the

The Tide Simply was on sale for $2.94 this week, so $0.94 if you have the q. It's weird. I bought 2 papers on Sunday and neither had the Tide qs. I also get PG & RMN inserts in the mail and that one had Tide qs. Very strange.


4 x Old Spice b/w 27.96
Less OS DQ (5.00)
Less BR (20.00)
Tax 1.68
OOP $4.64

Earned $10 BR and $5 Ibotta

Then I read that the bigger Old Spice bottles were part of this sale too and the beauty event started on Thursday (spend $25 on beauty, earn $7 BR). I also had a 5 bonus WYS $25 DQ.

Round 2

2 x Old Spice (larger bottles) $13.98
2 x Old Spice 13.98
5 x Highlighters 1.00
Less OS DQ (3.00)
Less OS DQ (1.00)
Less RRs (9.00)
Tax 2.74
OOP $17.70

Earned $27 BR ($10 OS, $7 Beauty, $5 Booster, $5 for making 3 trips over $10) + $5 Ibotta

I also received a $6 WYS $30 CAT.

Also submitted my receipt to PGgood

Today I went to my local WAGS to do the Old Spice deal again

3 x Old Spice (large bottles) $20.97
1 x Old Spice 6.99
2 x Kleenex B1G50% off 2nd 2.98
Less 2 OS qs (2.00)
Tax 1.86
OOP $30.80

Earned 32000 BR Points ($10 Old Spice, $7 Beauty booster, $5 WYS $50 Beauty, $10 CAT)

I had a $6 WYS $30 CAT from yesterday. The CAT machine was low on ink, so the cashier had trouble scanning it today. So the manager comes over and issues me $10 BR points for the $6 CAT. Whoo-hoo!

I don't usually buy small Kleenex boxes (because they have half the amount of tissues than the regular boxes), but it was the best filler item I could find to get my total to $30. WAGS paper aisle was cleaned out. It's like someone decided to stock up on tissue and t/p.

Also submitted to Ibotta for another $5. I was surprised to see it reset so soon.

Yes, I spent quite a bit OOP at WAGS this week, but it's the only way for me to take advantage of the Beauty event. The $7 Beauty DQ can be used over & over again, until it expires on the Saturday. It's normally good Thursday - Sunday (once a month).

Here are this week's drugstore totals :

OOP : $57.50
Coupons used : $54.19
Rewards used : $62.89
Rewards earned : $92.00
Cash back & gcs earned : $20.00
Number of items purchased : 32
Retail value : $197.18

To sum it all up :

Total Spent (cash + rewards) : $120.39
Total Earned (cash back + rewards + gc): $112.00

CVS doesn't look good next week. I'll have to see what CRTs I get tomorrow to decide if I should do any shopping. I really need to get my behind to RA. I still have a $8/40 mailer q.

I'm planning on using all that BR Points to stock up on detergent and bar soap at WAGS next week. Let's hope they have enough inventory.


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