Saturday, July 18, 2020

Drugstore shopping week 7/12/20

Well, this week didn't quite go as planned, because of the Dial bar soap deal I was planning to do. Also, the All detergent that's on sale this week, is being declined by Ibotta. Also our newspapers are up to that same coupon insert crap again. The main newspaper only has the RMN insert and the other one only has the Smartsource insert. A paper costs $3 around here. Way too much for just one insert, but I needed those All qs. Despite all this, I still managed to score some good deals.

This morning I got the ads & tomorrow's SS insert in our driveway. This came from the same newspaper that only carries the RMN in their paper (insert eyeroll).

WAGS (I went to different store on different days, because the All q is a limit of one)

Trans 1

1 x Revlon kiss balm $4.99
1 x Revlon kiss balm B1G50% off 2nd 2.49
1 x Snuggle 2.99
1 x Eraser caps 0.49 (I needed a filler item to get my total to $10 so I could use points to pay)
Less Snuggle Q (1.00)
Less BR Points (10.00)
Tax 0.66
OOP $0.62

Earned $4 RR (Revlon)

Trans 2

2 x All detergent $5.98
Less All q (1.00)
Less All DQ (1.00)
Less BR Points (4.00)
Tax 0.36
OOP $0.34

Trans 3

1 x Revlon kiss balm $4.99
1 x Revlon kiss balm B1G50% off 2nd 2.49
1 x Snuggle 2.99
1 x All detergent 2.99
Less Snuggle Q (1.00)
Less All Q (1.00)
Less BR Points (10.00)
Tax 0.81
OOP $2.27

My $4 Revlon RR didn't print, so the manager added $5 points to my account. I don't know why she always gives me extra points, but I'm not complaining.


I wasn't planning on doing any CVS shopping, but realised I had $6 EBs expiring today. I also read about the Colgate MM deal, so off to CVS I went

2 x All detergent $5.98
1 x Dunkin Donuts 4.99
2 x Colgate t/p 6.98
1 x Veggie chips 2.99
Less All Q (1.00)
Less All DQ (1.00)
Less Whitening t/p DQ (3.00)
Less Whitening kit DQ (3.00)
Less Freebie veggie chips App Q (2.99)
Less EBs (9.00)
Tax 0.33
OOP $1.28

Earned $4.50 EB and should get 25c DD from Ibotta

The whitening qs applies to any brand toothpaste that says whitening on the package.

I noticed that I'm running low on regular DD coffee (I still have those huge decaf containers). I was gonna buy a big pack at Sams earlier this week, but didn't want to spend $18 OOP. So glad I didn't, because I got my coffee for much less. Can't beat this price!

Total OOP : $4.51
Total Rewards used : $33.00
Total Earned : $13.75
Total Coupons used : $15.99
Retail value : $87.54
Number of items purchased : 16

For those who shop at WAGS, there's a good Tide deal next week 7/19/20

Buy 3 Tide, earn $5 RR

2 x Tide liquid $9.98
1 x Tide pods 4.99
Less Tide Q (PG 7/5) (2.00)
Less Tide DQ (2.00)
Less Tide Pods Q (PG 7/5) (2.00
OOP $8.97
Earn $5 RR, which basically makes it $3.97 for 3 items

When there's a limit of ONE on a paper q, you CAN combine it with a DQ. Both qs will be applied when you purchase 2 items. However, you cannot use 2 identical paper qs in one transaction


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