Thursday, July 30, 2020

Quick CVS trip

Nothing really tickled my fancy in this week's CVS ad, but I wanted to use my $7 Loreal moisturiser DQ that expired today.  The ad says that a mystery Loreal CRT would print, but it turned out to be for cosmetics, not facial care. I sure wish that CVS would send me an any Loreal moisturiser DQ, because I prefer the Revitalift over this. However, I won't say no to free moisturiser. I only had one PG insert to work with, that's why I didn't use 3 Gillette qs. Turns out I didn't need it after all. 

1 x Loreal age perfect moisturiser $19.49
2 x Loreal makeup remover wipes 11.98
2 x Venus razors 15.98
1 x Gillette razors 7.99
Less Venus Q (4.00)
Less Gillette Q (4.00)
Less $3 off Gillette razor CRT (3.00)
Less 5/20 Shave DQ (5.00)
Less Loreal DQ (7.00)
Less 5/22 facial care DQ (5.00)
Less EBs (27.44)
Tax 1.59
OOP $1.59

Earned $18 EB ($10 Loreal, $8 Gillette/Venus) and should get $3 Beauty. 

I ended up with a $6 Beauty EB from last week (not $3 as I thought). I used $27.50 EBs, but the register adjusted it by 6c, because my OOP (before tax) was $0.

OOP $1.59
Coupons used : $28.00
Rewards used : $27.50
Retail value : $65.50

I'm so excited to see that my CVS now has self checkout. I'm gonna try it next time I shop. I love self checkout, because I have complete control over my transaction. I can see which coupons have deducted (without keeping a cashier waiting) and also see if I need to add a filler item or another EB.

I'm done with shopping for this week.


  1. Cashiers want to keep checking at warp speed and don't want to bother with any delay, so self-checkout would be nice for these transactions.

    1. I agree Linda. Although the cashiers at my local store are really nice & patient if I question my total or coupons. However, I hate keeping up the line behind me. With self checkout I don't have to worry about that, because most people still check out with a cashier.


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