Friday, July 10, 2020

This week's stockpiling items.

On Wednesday I headed to Meijer to do some stockpiling shopping. I don't know if it's just my store, but half the shelves were bare. And I'm not just talking about cleaning products like Lysol & paper towels. I've seen open spaces in the food sections too. This is rare for Meijer, because they are a big grocery store. Bigger than Walmart, because they carry a larger variety of grocery items and brands. I sure hope this isn't a sign of things to come again. I'm hoping they just haven't received their trucks this week yet.

I decided to use my $12 reward to do the PG Beauty CAT deal first (spend $20 get $5 CAT). Then use the CAT to pay for my groceries

Trans 1

1 x Crest $2.99
3 x Pantene 11.07
2 x OS Spray 10.38
Less Crest Q (1.00)
Less Crest Store Q (1.00)
Less Pantene Q (5.00)
Less 2 OS Qs (4.00)
Less Mperks rewards (12.00)
Tax 0.69
OOP $2.13

Earned $5 CAT + $2.50 Ibotta (Old Spice Spray)

Trans 2 (these are just the items I stockpiled. sorry not everything is pictured)

6 x Taco Seasoning B1G50% off 2nd $3.37
2 x Lentils 2.98
2 x 5lb Flour 2.38
2 x Whole wheat spaghetti 2.38
2 x Bleach 5.98
1 x 4lb Sugar 1.59

Buy 5 Save $5 (price is after discount)

5 x Raisin Bran 8.95
2 x Frosted Flakes 3.58
1 x 24 pk Coke 5.99
Bottle deposit 2.40
7 x Salad dressing 5.53
Less $5 CAT (5.00)
OOP $40.13

Earned $3.10 Ibotta ($1.10 Frosted Flakes, $2 Raisin Bran). At least that's what I should have earned. Ibotta only credited me for 3 cereals, so I've submitted a ticket

I never knew that there was coleslaw salad dressing, so I'm excited to try that. Then again, we don't eat coleslaw much. I now have 4 packs of flour (2 still left over from the holidays, because I don't bake during summer).

I can't find whole wheat pasta at Walmart and it's the only kind of pasta we eat, so I'm stocking up at Meijer whenever I can get a good price.

I tried making my own taco seasoning before and it was horrible. I googled a recipe (I usually try ones that have best feedback on Allrecipes), mixed it together and it was way too bland for us. So back to the Hot Ortega we go. I sure miss the days we used to get this for free or pennies after coupons.

I'm not upset about the amount of money spent, because we didn't need much this week. I bought a few other things and my total was still almost half of our regular grocery budget.


  1. There is the occasional bare spot or place where products are skimpy. I figure those things, if i use them, are what i should get extra.

    1. Good thinking Linda. Thanks for letting me know. This is why I'm stockpiling like crazy and not worrying about the cost. Who knows when those things will be restocked - especially now that there's a surge in cases again.

  2. Don't forget that your Crest and Old Spice qualify for the P&G Summer Rebate($5 wyspend $20 or $15 wyspend $50-after coupons)too.
    Good deals!

    1. Thanks Sluggy! I've already saved my Meijer Tide receipts for the rebate.


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