Tuesday, May 22, 2018

A tale of the Dollar store coffee mugs

A few years ago, I decided to replace our old Pfaltzgraff dinnerware with new ones. I didn't see any Pfaltzgraff designs that I liked, so I checked Kohls. They happened to have a good sale on dinnerware at the time, so I got a very inexpensive setting for 8. Well, well, well, this was the case of 'you get what you pay for'. In less than a month, I had 3 pieces chip and/or crack. I was not happy. I continued using the rest of the items, but vowed to research for a better brand (I really don't know why I didn't just return the whole set, because we still had the old Pfaltzgraff set)

After much research, I learned that Corelle holds up well. So I added items to my cart and signed up for their emails. When they had a great discount during 2016 holiday season, I bought a beautiful set + 12 coffee mugs. The dinnerware didn't include mugs.

When the set arrived, I only opened 6 mugs and saved the rest. At first, I was gonna donate the old items. Then I thought to myself 'why not use what is left, until it breaks'. Thus my reason for only using 6 new mugs. So that's what we've been doing since.

Last week, I found that one of the Corelle mugs (these are nice solid mugs) had a big piece chipped off. Nooooo. I really like this set. Then 2 days later, I found a crack in another mug. Ugh! Thankfully, I still had the 6 extras that I saved, so I took out 2 new mugs.

About 6-7 years ago, I bought DH a very nice coffee mug at Dollar General. It is really cute and only cost $1. I got us each one for Christmas. We loved it so much, that he told me to buy more. Unfortunately, it was a seasonal item. The next Christmas, I bought a few more of those mugs. Well, we are still using those $1 mugs. We still have 4 mugs left.  I think I only 2 broke over the years. I don't know how many DH broke...lol The higher priced name brand mugs aren't even holding up this well. So I'm making it my mission to keep my eye out for new coffee mugs at any Dollar Store. Those mugs can then be saved as extras for when our current ones break. I hate running out of anything, that's why I'm gonna keep spare coffee mugs. I don't want to wait until things break and then have to pay full price for a replacement.

So yeah, the $1 mugs turned out to be our favorite ones! No more pricey coffee mugs for me.


  1. Practical ParsimonyMay 24, 2018 at 2:35 AM

    I have two sets of Corelle dishes. I have never chipped or broken any of the pieces. The cute Christmas ones I bought from wherever have been chipped. Funny that our experiences are opposite.

    1. I love my Corelle dishes. I just seem to have rotten luck with mugs.
      I'm still using a coffee mug that DH bought me at the top of Table Mountain 16 years ago. These days, things just aren't made to last. We have several older things that still work great, like our Craftsman shop vac. Had it almost 20 years and it still runs great. We even have an old tv (not flat screen) that still works too.

    2. I sent you email over the weekend. Not sure if you've seen it.

  2. I have a $Store mug I bought about 10 years ago and still use it for coffee every morning - my husband calls it "Your Mug" - we have several high quality mugs which just seem to come and go and I just stick with what works - the $Store mug - Mary Ellen

    1. That's great Mary Ellen. I'm happy to hear that someone else has been using Dollar store mugs for a long time too. I'm definitely sticking to those in future.


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