Saturday, May 12, 2018

Meijer & Wags shopping

If you love Dial Soap, hurry to your nearest Wags (Walgreens). Ending today, they have 8pk Dial soap/body wash on BOGOF sale. I was so happy to see a deal on my favorite bar soap, because I'm completely out since they've discontinued my favorite scent. I've discovered that I actually like the white bars, so here's what I did.

4 x 8pk soap @ $5.49 = $21.96
Less BOGOF (10.98)
Less Digital q (1.00) there's also a $1 ip that I didn't print
Tax 0.66
OOP = $10.64

Earned $2 back through Savingstar ($1 for 2 Dial bw/soap, $1 for 2 bar soap)

Total cost after rewards = $8.64 or $2.16 per pack

Then to Meijer to use my 5/$50 MPerks (MP) q. By now I should know that things never work out at Meijer. I had a list of inexpensive Ibotta items, but in typical Meijer fashion they either don't have shelf space for some items or their shelves are completely bare. How the heck do you not have shelf space for items that you advertise? And of course, they gypped me on an MP q again. They've been doing this for years, applying the q to your FREE item, so that you don't really get any discount. Ugh, over the years I've seen numerous complaints about this from other couponers, but Meijer just continues with this poor practice. So I continue to vote with my money - spend less at Meijer and buy the bulk of my items at other stores.

1 x Flower seeds packet $1.89
2 x 60ct Band aid 3.98
1 x Stayfree  3.77
2 Bananas 0.48
Onions 4.63
2 x Garden Fresh Salsa (BOGOF) 3.99
4 x 1lb strawberries 3.98 (part of 2 day sale)
1 x Sargento slices 2.79
1 x Yoplait Girl scout yogurt 0.50 (free after MP q)

10/$10 get 11th item free
1 x English cucumber 1.00
2 x Organic baby carrots 2.00
2 x Cannellini beans 2.00
3 x Chickpeas 3.00
2 x McCormick Grillmates seasoning 2.00
2 x 2lt Canada Dry 2.00
2 x Honest Tea 2.00
2 x Mushrooms 2.00
17 x Chobani yogurt 17.00
Less 3 free items (3.00)
Less Chobani MP (1.00)
Less Sargento q (0.75)
Less Onions q (0.25)
Less 5/50 (5.00)
Less $5 CAT (5.00)
Less Band aid CAT (3.00)
OOP $41.26

Earned $2.75 CK51 ($2 beans and 75c Sargento) and $4 Ibotta ($2 Salsa, 25c bananas, 25c any, 50c Canada Dry, $1 monthly bonus)

Total after rewards = $34.51 and also earned a $3 Mperks reward for spending $150 (this amount tracks).

So my 1 free item only deducted 66c instead of $1, because of Meijer math with the Chobani q. Grrr!

In hindsight, I should've bought more beans. I kept thinking it was $1 back per can, that's why I bought 5 cans instead of 10. I stocked up on Bush's beans when CK51 had this rebate last year, so I'll do the same again. I'll buy the beans at Walmart instead, because their price is much lower.

The beans will be used for falafel, moroccan lentil soup and mexican dishes (black beans are included in this rebate)

I don't see anything good in next week's Meijer ad. Only the band aids are on sale again, but I'm not gonna make a special trip for that. Or I'll just keep buying some, because I can add these to my Operation Christmas child boxes. I still have 2 CATS and the register is still printing them.

I also hit up Sams for some meat, lunch meat and bread. The Dollar Tree bread is hit or miss. I'll get bread there whenever they have it in stock. We just finished the last DT loaf (I froze it when I bought 3 loaves). I'll just buy a few loaves to freeze again next time they have bread.

I hope all moms have a wonderful Mother's Day tomorrow.

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