Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Stockpiling items of the week

Ibotta currently has another Bonus Stack deal, which coincides with the Meijer Herbal Essence Deal that I planned on doing this week.

Get a $5 wyb $20 P&G beauty/personal care items. I wanted the Herbal Essence, because it's our favourite shampoo. I noticed that the HE is B3G1F and I know that the free item counts towards the CAT.

Also, Ibotta has 3 different HE rebates (mine is 95c each - amount varies by user). Limit 5 per rebate

So here's my transaction

5 HE conditioner @ $2.99 = $14.95
3 HE shampoo @ $2.99 = $8.97
Less 2 Free items (5.98)
OOP = $17.94 + tax

Got back $5 CAT and $7.60 Ibotta. So $5.34 for 8 bottles after rewards

2nd Transaction

5 x HE stylers @ 2.99 = $14.95
2 x Secret Deodorant = $8.98
Less Free styler (2.99)
OOP $20.94

Got $5 CAT and $8.75 Ibotta ($4.75 HE, $4 Secret)

Cost after rewards = $7.19

I don't know why I bought 5 stylers and not 4. I must've forgotten that the CAT will still print if my OOP is under $20. Silly me.

Why so much conditioner and stylers? I have naturally curly hair and during summer I go au natural. I just wash my hair, leave in the conditioner and voila, curls! I do occasionally use mousse too. The gel is for DS. I don't like how hard the gel makes my hair. I need to get more hairspray for when I blow dry my hair.

I've also been receiving $3/2 Band Aid CATs and the Band Aids are B1G30% off 2nd. So I grabbed the 60ct boxes for $1.99

2 x Band Aids = $3.98
Less 30% (0.60)
Less $3 CAT (2.89)
OOP $0.49 + 20c tax (calculated on pre coupon amount)

You'll notice that in typical Meijer fashion, they gyped me 11c on the CAT. Let's not forget they'll get reimbursed the full $3 value by the manufacturer. I don't know why the CAT was adjusted, because there was no overage. Oh well, I can't complain about paying 35c a box. I did this deal twice

I'll go back on Friday to do the HE and Band aid deals again. I also picked up a package of Sargento cheese slices for $2.99 and used the 75c CAT that keeps printing too. So 75c back through Ibotta and 25c any item. I've already claimed my limit on CK51, so I'll wait until it resets tomorrow.

Rite Aid

I haven't been there in a while, so it's still trial and error for me when it comes to Bonus Cash

2 Fig Newtons  $3.00
1 Mentholatum rub $3.00
1 Speed Stick Deodorant $2.96
2 x $25 Kohls gcs $50.00
Less SS in ad q (2.00)
Less SS man q (0.50)
Less BC (9.32)
OOP $47.50

This has happened before. When you use qs on items and pay with points, it will deduct the full value from your points and apply the coupon value to your gc. So I used $2.50 in coupons and it deducted that amount from my GC purchase. So I paid $47.50 oop for my gc.

We don't need gcs, but since I earned $10 BC, I figured I'd do this deal. I will take $10 out of our grocery fund (we use BC for household and HBA) and add it to our Christmas fund.

Earned $13 BC. ($10 Kohls, $1 Fig Newtons, $2 Mentholatum) and $1.50 Menthol through Ibotta

Cashier couldn't get Max Freeze q to deduct, so she rang that up separately.

Cost $8.00
Less $2.00 q
Less 0.68 BC
OOP $6.48 Paid with gc and earned $7 BC

And darn, I forgot to clip the CK51 Fig Newtons q before going shopping. Ugh, I might just return the cookies.

I mainly went to CVS for the cheap Clairol. I figured I'd pick up Almay too, since the qs expire this weekend. I couldn't find my 2nd Almay q (I know I clipped it for CVS last week, but didn't use it), so I used a different one that was for mascara/liner only.

1 x Clairol $6.99
1 Almay shadow $6.99 (love this shadow. It works way better than my high end stuff)
1 Almay mascara $8.49
Less Clairol q (3.50)
Less Almay CRT (4.00)
Less Almay q (3.00)
Less Almay q (2.00)
Less EBs (10.00)
OOP $1.65 tax

Earned $4 Almay EB and $3 Clairol Ibotta. I also received a $3 Beauty EB from previous purchases. I should get another one next time, because of today's purchases.

So today I got everything for $44.15 oop
Earned $22.85 Ibotta and $10 CATs

Total OOP (after Ibotta and CATs) for everything purchased today = $11.30

I now have 7 items counting towards my $2 Bonus reward and 50c monthly reward. Not a big deal, but these will also count towards the bigger bonuses that starts next week. I need 5 more items towards the First Bonus and normally only need 3 for the rest of the deal. The bonus usually totals $10 (keeping fingers crossed).

I also purchased 6 sunscreens at Target. They have a double dip deal this week. Buy 2 sunscreen get $5 gc also, spend $30 on beauty get $10 gc. So I got the 6, paid with my gcs and earned back $25 gcs. I placed order yesterday and it was delivered today. The good news is that it has 2021 expiration dates.


  1. You don't have to clip the Checkout51 items before shopping....just upload a photo of your receipt before midnight Wednesday to claim your Fig Newton rebate.

    1. Well darn, I thought they had changed things because it only showed my starred offers when I tried to redeem. I know there's been many changes to Checkout51 and thought I had to have the offer clipped.

      Oh well, I'm just gonna eat these cookies to make myself feel Thanks to you, I now know better for next time :)

  2. When a store would not give me credit on a $1 coupon for a $0.98 cent item, I objected so the cashier called a manager who agreed. I asked her where they were going to note the amount on the coupon I received credit for. The manager said they were not going to make a note of it. How much will you turn it in to the manufacturer? She said $1. I told her she was cheating the company. She still refused. So, I wrote down her name, the product, and told her that in the morning I was going to call manufacturer and tell them the store gave me less credit for the coupon but turned it in the them and got the full price. She told the cashier to just go ahead and give me the full credit, like she was doing me a favor. She hated me from then on, but never did that again.

    1. Good for you! I did the same thing to Meijer once. However it was for their store coupon. They had shoes for B1G1F and also $10 off one pair digital coupon. Well, when I bought the 2 pairs, it first deducted the $10 q off the 2nd item ($1), then they deducted the rest to show as $1. The people at CS were of no help, so I emailed corporate and told them that I'm gonna contact the Dept of weights & measured and show them how Meijer gyps their customers. I got a response fast with them crediting $10 to my account + $5 for the inconvenience.

      Unfortunately I used self scan and the register automatically adjusts the coupon. There's no way I'm gonna waste my time trying to get them to fix it, because even the managers are clueless.


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