Friday, May 18, 2018

Some shopping and this week's happenings

Haven't done much shopping this week, except for today. Earlier this week, I hit up Dollar Tree for bread. Sadly, they didn't have any bread, but I scored 2 bags Brownberry Bagel Thins. Those went straight into the freezer, since it expired the next day. I don't normally toast my bagels, but these will definitely go into the toaster cause its not super fresh.

Today I hit up the produce market. Its been 3 weeks since my last visit. I like to do a big shop there once a month. Here's what I got

3 x Avocados
2 x Beets
4 x Acorn Squash
6 x Red Peppers
11 x Yellow Peppers
12 x Orange Peppers
3 x Green onion bunches
1 lb Mushrooms
Large chunk of ginger
4 x Garlic
3lbs Grapes
6 x Limes
6 x Lemons
6 x Oranges
2 x 5lb bags Red Potatoes
2 x 3lb bags Apples
2 x Cucumbers
2.5 lbs Tomatoes

Total OOP incl tax = $45.54

Sorry, I didn't feel like staging everything for pics. The apples were really small, so I bought 2 bags. Tomorrow I will wash, slice/dice and freeze the peppers. I normally get about 12 bags out of it and these last us for at least a month. I'll do the same with the sweet and green onions. Same goes for the lemons and limes. I wash, quarter and freeze, so that it's easy to use when I need them.

The grapes will be picked from the stem, washed, dried and placed in a container in fridge. This way none of us have to wash grapes every time we want to eat some.

At Meijer I just did some cherry picking. There's nothing good is next week's ad, so I grabbed a few items that's needed for meals next week.

4 x Band aids
1 x Lipstick balm
2lb Brown rice
5 lbs Bananas
5 lbs Sweet onions
3 x 64 oz OJ
1 x Pita Pockets
Used 2 x $3 Band aid CATS and $2 Neutrogena q
OOP = $32.17

A few weeks ago, DH & DS thought it would be cool to paint their faces with my favorite lipstick...grrrr. Why didn't they just grab one of the others? So I took $10 out of DH's pocket and said that's payment for my lipstick. Thankfully there was a $2 Neutrogena q in the paper that same weekend. The q is limit one per person, so I'll go back to Meijer and grab another 2 or 3 next week, before q expires.

I got the onions and bananas at Meijer, because these items are much better at Meijer. The last time I bought bananas at the market, is was green. Two weeks later, it was still green and definitely not edible. Not cool, because we eat bananas daily. DH wanted a gallon OJ, so I just bought 3 x 64 oz bottles.

Then at Dollar Tree, I scored the M&Ms. The 6pk is free after Ibotta rebate. I paid $5 OOP and earned $5.25 (25c for any item), so a small MM. I will go back for more, once the q resets and save these for Halloween.

Received my Red Robin gcs from Sams, so 4 more Christmas gifts done. $40 of it will be used for dinner for ourselves.

Victoria's Secret sent me a pile of qs earlier this week. The same evening, they had an extra 25% off one item and free shipping. I used the 2 Free Panties q and bought 3 pairs. Unfortunately I couldn't combine the 25% off with this q, but free shipping always wins. So $11.13 oop for 3 pairs.

I really need to add more unmentionables to my shopping list. I bought some Hanes over the holidays and the quality was really crap. I've worn Hanes for years, because I love cotton and the quality has always been great. The last order was horrible. I could tell the minute I opened the package. After a month of wear, I was getting holes in these items. So no more Hanes for me. Not unless they do something about the quality.

Redeemed a $25 DSW gc.

My guys always give me cash for every occassion, because they know that I'd be able to stretch those $$$ much further. So I used my Mother's Day cash to buy a $100 DSW gc. This gc came with a $25 bonus. I really don't need any more shoes, so I'm combining the gc with my qs and rewards to make some extra cash for my $15k fund. I redeemed the $25 gc, so that I don't have any oop cost. I have a plan, but more on that once plan is executed.


  1. Practical ParsimonyMay 20, 2018 at 3:57 AM

    I have been wearing Hanes panties for years and they get worse and worse! I think it is time for me to try another brand!

    1. This was my first bad experience with Hanes. I'm really disappointed, because they fit perfectly and the quality has always been great. I'm definitely trying a different brand, but it won't be VS either. I hate the cheap, crappy polyester they use for most of their items lately. Definitely not worth their high prices.

    2. Practical ParsimonyMay 21, 2018 at 10:12 PM

      Maybe it is my weight that tears them up!

    3. Lol.. you are too funny.


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