Tuesday, May 1, 2018

April Numbers

This has been a bit of a spendy month, due to the shoes I bought. Other than that, I just bought 2 pairs of running shorts for myself ($29.66), 2 packs winter socks for DS ($16.94) and swimwear.

Now onto the numbers. April wasn't too bad a month. Sales wise, we had our worst month for the year, but still managed to earn a decent amount of gift cards.

Gift cards earned

Mypoints $50
Swagbucks : $50 
IGC : $20 ($10 mine, $10 DH account)
Ibotta : $100 Walmart 
Savingstar : $14.51 (transferred this amount to my $15K account)
Total gcs earned in January : $220 (excluding Savingstar) 

So onto the gc balances:

Previous balance $46.57
Added : $50
Spent : $0
New balance : $96.57

Previous balance $40
Added : $10 (finally went through my emails and discovered these unused ones. I still have smaller balance in my online account. It's a little over $5 total)
Spent : $30 (shopped for Ibotta items)
New balance : $20

Previous balance : $50
Added : $100 (Ibotta)
Total : $150

Previous balance : $54.54
Added : $10
Spent : $44.27 (swimsuits)
Total : $20.27

Prev balance : $50
Withdrawn to $15K fund (50.00)
Total : $0


Previous balance : $25
Earned $50
Credited $25 (received gc back that I spent on the shoes. Shoes ended up being free)
New balance : $100

WHBM - $50.00

BBW - $15.00

Starbucks : $15 (this does not include the teacher's gifts). The $15 is for our personal use. I'm not a Starbucks fan (I'm a Dunkin Donuts girl), but I received this credit when I ordered something online. We'll just save it for when we're in the mood for a frappucino.

That's a total of $466.84

Total earned from online sales (after fees) : $234.38
Plus previous balance $544.05
Less expenses (201.15) 
Less amount used for $15K fund ($250.00)
Plus credit from Macy's : $30.69
New Balance : $357.97

So we have a total of $824.81 in cash and gcs for holiday shopping and whatever clothing items we need for the rest of the year. I've made a nice dent in holiday shopping already and have enough CC points for a gc, but I'll hold onto it to redeem a bigger gc.

As mentioned before, I wanted to withdraw $300 from this total to start funding my $15K goal. Since I used the Target gcs, I withdrew $250 cash and $50 TJM gcs that I had. 

$15K savings goal

Starting balance : $108.80
Added : $14.51 Savingstar
Plus 52 wk plan : $289.57
Plus sales : $63.52 (Sales from items that I bought with that $300 withdrawal)
New Balance : $476.40

$1 Savings
Previous balance : $36
Added : $13
Total : $49

$5 Savings 
Previous balance : $125
Added : $30 
Total : $155

I'm now even more convinced that the Macy's fiasco is a blessing in disguise. Not only did I get free shoes and also score the rest of my shoes for much less at DSW, but yesterday I received a $30 DSW reward for the shoes that I purchased. I remember seeing 5x points when I shopped, but didn't expect to even have enough points for a $10 reward. I was wrong! Macy's is like the gift that keeps on giving (isn't that their slogan?...lol. I know some store uses that slogan). 

Since I really don't need any more shoes, I've decided to just use the reward towards my $15K fund. But there's more. Until 5/13 (Mother's Day) DSW offers a $25 bonus reward when you buy $100 gcs. So guess what I'm gonna do. Since gcs don't expire, I can save the gc for a rainy day and add another $25 to my $15k fund. Who doesn't like free money? That's $55 free to me!!

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