Thursday, May 10, 2018

Christmas shopping update

This was a big Christmas shopping week. Big, because I bought gifts for 11 people and only spent $9.76 oop (out of pocket)

On Sunday I spent $40.69 on gifts for 2 of my nephews at Macys. Paid with part of my Macy's gcs

Then I bought VS bags for 5 nieces. Used a 10/$10 q and paid $9.76 oop (darn high shipping costs).

I also purchased 2 x $50 Red Robin value packs at Sams for $85.56. Each pack contains 3 x $15 gcs and a bonus $5 card. I only need 4 x $15 as gifts and we'll still have $40 to use ourselves. Paid with my Walmart gcs.

So after crunching numbers and marking gifts off my list, I realised that I'm more than halfway done with Christmas shopping.

What I still need to buy


Need : $60
I have more than enough gcs to cover that expense. I'm just waiting on Kohls to send me a 40% off mystery discount


Need $150 (might not need this much, but I like to have tax covered too)
Currently have : $50 gcs
Amount still needed : $100 gc


Need : $300 (again not sure if I need $300. It all depends on sale prices)
Currently have : $66.66
Amount still needed : $233.34

Cash (for gc purchases and one more gc to a place that doesn't offer gcs)

Need : $263
Currently have : $348.21 (April balance from online sales less VS oop)
Nothing needed

So I only need to earn more Walmart and Target gcs. I'll use Ibotta and IGC for Walmart and Swagbucks for Target. The rest of our point earning accounts will be used to earn more gcs for Black Friday shopping.

Has anyone else gotten a head start on Christmas shopping yet, or am I the only crazy fool? The best part of shopping this way is that I don't have to worry about extra spending over the holidays and because I pay with gcs, I'll earn cash back through Ebates and rebate offers. So more cash in my pocket.


  1. When I use to have to shop for many at Xmas I use to buy throughout the year when I hit a deal. That's the only way to still splurge on a lot of family and keep the cost low. Of course there is also the pitfall that some who shop this way fall into....since you "know" you only spent pennies you feel the need to buy more for those people because in your head(they don't know this tho)you feel you didn't spend enough. lolz That use to get me sometimes.

  2. I have the problem of overbuying, because it's a good deal and I have extra gift cards to pay for it (I just think it's free, cause I don't have to spend any money on it). This year I'm sticking to my list though. I've been good thus far. The leftover gcs can be used for other things like household items we need.


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